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  1. Murdog

    Trem Bars

    I agree 100% I don't consider myself a "Strat" guy, more a guitar guy. I do have a few Strats and the trem has always been something I don't like. The jack on the front of the guitar, hate it. I have a couple of Gibson, obviously no trem, but I like the hum buckers. I feel like PRS is the...
  2. Murdog


    Just curious. How many of you have changed the pickups in your PRS guitar?
  3. Murdog

    Korg Wall-size Tuner

    That's pretty cool!
  4. Murdog

    Verification of Left Handed PRS

  5. Murdog

    NGD! McCarty 594 Hollowbody content...

    Beautiful guitars! HNGD!
  6. Murdog

    Trem Bars

    Thank you everyone!
  7. Murdog

    Trem Bars

    That's what I was thinking.
  8. Murdog

    Trem Bars

    No I didn't. I was on a Strat forum and somebody inquired about if a Strat trem arm would fit a PRS. I replied no as they are unthreaded. He replied that I was wrong and his 2015 Core C24 did in fact have a treaded trem arm. I was 99% sure that was wrong, but wanted to verify with the...
  9. Murdog

    Trem Bars

    Did PRS ever use a "screw in" type trem bar similar to Strats? The guitar in question is a 2015 10 top custom 24.
  10. Murdog

    NGD : I Prayed and I got it.

  11. Murdog

    SE knowledge Quiz

    I only got two. I feel stupid! I own an SE Custom 24!!!
  12. Murdog


    Just curious, what do you have your volume knob set to on your guitar?