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  1. gman1951

    Classified Section

    Can someone tell me if this forum has a classified section? I have a couple of items I wanna sell (including my '94 Studio in my avatar), and would like to list here.
  2. gman1951

    Let's see your ORANGES

    Yeah, the pickup configuration is what sold me! Unfortunately, I think this is a keeper!
  3. gman1951

    What started it all?

    Late '90's, I had my tax-return money in hand, looking for a new guitar and wrapped my hands around a CU22 with a WT neck. Needless to say, I LOVED it! From that point on, however, I have bought strictly CU24s because of the extended range. Currently have two: a '94 Custom 24 Studio (my...
  4. gman1951

    New Guitar(s) in the works??

    Sure hope he's grounded!
  5. gman1951

    Looking for PRS to add Stop Tails to 24 fret guitars

    This is one I let get away! Huge mistake! Best guitar I ever owned/played!
  6. gman1951

    NGD- Cure For My Stratitis? Yes.

    By the way, your gal is definitely a keeper! :)
  7. gman1951

    NGD- Cure For My Stratitis? Yes.

    Very nice! I kinda like the tobacco-burst with the maple neck; very "traditional" looking. I was seriously looking at these for that "Strat" sound before I bought my Studio. Still may eventually end up with something similar because it's very different from everything else in the stable.
  8. gman1951

    NGDs Content

    I agree! A guitar should have At Least 3 knobs!
  9. gman1951

    NGDs Content

    Yeah, the Studio is my new Queen Bee! Thanks for the insight; I'll check it out. Of all the PRS Custom 24s I've had, only one did not have the hardtail option (which made it hard to find Custom 24s to fit my specs).
  10. gman1951

    New to PRS

    FWIW, for many years I played PRS Custom24s exclusively, however for the last few years, I've indulged in other GAS-related, bucket-list items. This month, I returned to the PRS Nest and, after purchasing two marvelous instruments-both Custom 24s with Wide-Thin necks, I have to wonder why I...
  11. gman1951

    NGDs Content

    Thanks guys (and gals?) for all the happy thoughts! Feels like I'm home at last! Agreed regarding the controls! I've had a CU24 with the 5-position blade switch and, while I do like its ease of selection, I much prefer look of the 3-knob PRSs. Foolish and irresistible GAS induced frenzy...
  12. gman1951

    Let's see your ORANGES

    Although not as purty as some, my most recent acquisition:
  13. gman1951

    NuGD - Trade Activity

    Very sweet! I had a non-special edition Custom 24 with a tune-o-matic bridge and let it get away a few years ago. Best guitar I've ever had/played and sorely miss it!
  14. gman1951

    NGDs Content

    It's been a while since I've had a PRS in the stable, and now I have two (back to normal, retroactively speaking). I have serious regrets about selling a '92 Custom 24 with a TOM bridge several years ago (in fact, I would love the opportunity to buy it back!) and have since been on a quest that...
  15. gman1951

    Custom 50 Question: Changing from 6L6 to EL34

    Question for those who've done this swap; can you tell me what's involved? I know I will have to rebias, but is anything else needed? Thanks in advance, gman1951