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  1. FragileThunder

    Conservation of Energy.

    I'm way more efficient than I was when I was younger. When you are young, time is to be slayed, you attack things with vigor and beat them into submission, no matter how long it takes! When you get older, time is to be danced with, an ever evolving waltz in which you have discovered that...
  2. FragileThunder

    Goose Rig Rundown...Hollowbody II

    Incredible show last night…
  3. FragileThunder

    Forum Contest: Win A Santana! (Sign up thread)

    In. However, I will use my powers of speaking with animals to convince all of the birds to play dead, and then carry Sergio off (to a safe distance) as soon as he hands over the guitar. I'm a peace-loving kind of a guy though, so no zombie aviary.
  4. FragileThunder

    Sound tinkering but not playing...

    The number of times "tinkering" has lead to Inspiration tells me it's worth it. Granted, that may not be the usual outcome but as long as you're having fun, who cares! ;)
  5. FragileThunder

    Mans best friend....the thread...l'll start...

    Meet Béla…she came home today!
  6. FragileThunder

    Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp in Nashville, IN last night

    Picture captions: Depp: "I'm gonna change outfits and guitars as we go through the night, it'll be great!" Beck: "I'm MFin' Jeff Beck" ;) Looks like fun! Love Jeff Beck.
  7. FragileThunder

    Greetings From Ground Zero

    Thanks, fortunately they were still up north, a couple weeks before they were going to head down for the winter. They spent the second half of last week hopping on a boat and getting shuttled over to the island each day to try and clean up and salvage what they could, but mostly to help their...
  8. FragileThunder

    Greetings From Ground Zero

    Glad you're well and up and running. My folks place on Sanibel is a total loss. Tough time for all of you down there.
  9. FragileThunder

    Goose Rig Rundown...Hollowbody II

    Seeing these guys for the first time next month with TAB at Mohegan Sun. Looking forward to checking them out, I've only listened to a a few shows but they definitely have some chops.
  10. FragileThunder

    Grateful Dead all day

    Got good seats on the field through pre-sale today. I'll report back in... (*counts on fingers*) ...a long time from now. :D
  11. FragileThunder

    Grateful Dead all day

    Enjoy the trip. There's a lifetime of stuff to dig into, and I think it is great that this music is still being performed out there at a high level by a variety of sources so that folks like you can at least get a taste of what it's all about. Because like the bumper sticker says, there's...
  12. FragileThunder

    Grateful Dead all day

    I'm planning on the Fenway show. Will be 2 days shy of 38 years since my first Dead show.
  13. FragileThunder

    Does your sound change over time?

    The tone I hear in my head hasn’t changed much over the years. The things I think I need to chase it have though. ;)
  14. FragileThunder

    I'm Sorry, But Pop Music Without Guitar Solos Sucks.

    Part of the problem is that somewhere along the line, upcoming guitar players missed the lessons of their elders and eschewed melodic solos that built tension and release and instead just tried to cram as many distorted notes as possible into their allotted time (also a problem) to show of their...
  15. FragileThunder

    Mans best friend....the thread...l'll start...

    Thank @Sybo, can’t wait to welcome her home. We’ve just gone 4 years without a dog, the longest period in my life without having at least one canine member of the family.
  16. FragileThunder

    Mans best friend....the thread...l'll start...

    No, she’s an English Shepherd (aka “American Farm Dog”). ;) Latest pic from the breeder:
  17. FragileThunder

    What artists influenced or what prompted you to get PRS gear?

    I know PRS came into my sphere of guitar appreciation early, through Santana who I’ve been a fan of since I was maybe 12 years old. Of course, that was about 40 years before I bought my first. I’d played a number of them over the years, but never felt justified in buying one because I was only...
  18. FragileThunder

    The Problem With Categories...

    and there’s more than 3 of them there.
  19. FragileThunder

    The Problem With Categories...

    I too am not a big fan of categories, while I’ll readily admit that I understand their value. I think it is human nature to compartmentalize things, to try and make things fit into the mental file folders that help us make sense of the world. Unfortunately, with music in particular but by no...