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  1. watelessness

    NUGD a true classic

    glad it arrived, andy! DIBS!
  2. watelessness

    what was the first Rock POWER Ballad?

    i contend that Bad Company's 1975 "Feel Like Making Love" is the first true Rock Power Ballad. it is about a relationship, contains wide-open soft sections, and above all, has a massive, power-chordy, low-end punch. no Beatles songs may be considered as none of them have low-end punch. discuss.
  3. watelessness

    NGD x 2, and i blame Sergio and Hans

    indeed, they are stock
  4. watelessness

    NGD x 2, and i blame Sergio and Hans

    my apologies as I've had these for a few weeks but kept forgetting to have a photo session until today's somewhat lame picture. I had been looking for a lightweight guitar to keep in a 2nd floor room but didn't want an expensive one due to me not being able to control the environmentals. Hans...
  5. watelessness

    Playing my classic today #882

    sweeet! it's no jupiter but it'll do. ;)
  6. watelessness

    NGD - B*tch-slapped By The Universe

    dang, dude, great score!
  7. watelessness

    Suhr Aldrich Pickups in Singlecuts

    very similar material. i wouldn't say bluesrock, but definitely classic rock and classic metal (dio. rainbow, sabbath, maiden)
  8. watelessness

    Suhr Aldrich Pickups in Singlecuts

    I too started with a #7 but it just wasn't right for the music we were playing so i switched to the Aldrich in the bridge
  9. watelessness

    I’d buy this as a core model… in a heart beat (but without divots)

    Would the divots increase the speed of your playing, or just the speed at which you are able to run around stage?
  10. watelessness

    Stacking cases on top of each other

    i had a recent move and asked the factory how many empty cases i could stack, flat side down. they said 4 or 5 would not be a problem. if you look at the cases, the bound corner keeps the main bodies of the cases from touching so there would be no pressure imparted to the body of the guitar...
  11. watelessness

    Not just another pretty face

    dayum! that is purdy!
  12. watelessness

    I’d buy this as a core model… in a heart beat (but without divots)

    Interesting concept. I can't imagine how unbalanced a 4 lb guitar must feel though. I would think it would be rather neck heavy.
  13. watelessness

    Any users of the P22 out there? Edit…..I received it on Friday…. Such a great guitar

    prior to retirement, my primary was a DGT. i tried the P22 as my second for the exact same reason as you but i never got on with the P22 pickups. the Cu24 with piezo however was the golden match for me
  14. watelessness

    NGD - Red Mira

    mira for the win!
  15. watelessness

    NGD! 2009 Custom 22 Stoptail in McCarty Sunburst w/ maple headstock veneer.

    great score!!!! pretty sure it didn't originally come with \m/ pickups though. :D
  16. watelessness

    INGD: I just put a deposit down on a 2008 Core Mira

    everyone needs a mira! nice score!