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  1. Birdsofprey

    Steve Vai?

    An Artist series Castle headstock always one of my favs. Sweet axe.
  2. Birdsofprey

    The Song Title Game

    The Joker - Steve Miller Band
  3. Birdsofprey

    The Song Title Game

    Street Corner Talking - Savoy Brown
  4. Birdsofprey

    The Song Title Game

    Unchain the Night - Dokken
  5. Birdsofprey

    The Song Title Game

    Spooky - Atlanta Rhythm Section
  6. Birdsofprey

    What kind of person are you?

    Support not enable, I love my friends and have no issue calling them out on something. Success is measured on one's ability to meet one's goals. I'm often enamored (one step below jealous btw) by people I feel are successful because of there place in life and think man that must be nice. That...
  7. Birdsofprey

    Identify PRS Please

    Exactly, this is no different than asking what your fav car is your birthday month blah blah blah. I often think the posters are trying to test the system. BS I say. Guy’s used to show up at guitar shows and try to sell knock offs. Some not to smart dealers would list why the particular guitar...
  8. Birdsofprey

    Tremonti vs \m/ - Bridge pick-up comparison?

    Someday someone will invent a auto pickup height adjustment pickup ring so instead of changing pickups all ya do is adjust the height on the fly ( between songs playing out). It will be like having multiple pickups installed in your guitar.
  9. Birdsofprey

    Happy Thanksgiving, PRSF!

    Joy joy.
  10. Birdsofprey

    Pickguard recomm for S2 standard mahogony finish '15

    I also have an older hog S2 Mira that I’m refinishing so I’m keeping the pickgaurd black. ( I also modded it) that’s in another thread. I’m putting in Suhr Aldrich pickups into it. What pickups are you installing? Don’t have much for ya on the pickgaurd swap maybe Tortoise.
  11. Birdsofprey

    The Song Title Game

    I’m in Love With My Car - Queen
  12. Birdsofprey

    New PRS Piezo switch acting wonky

    Easy enough to test the battery theory take it out and test it (on your tongue). Did you leave the guitar plugged in? I'm not 100% sure but I believe you have to unplug the piezo guitars otherwise the battery goes dead.
  13. Birdsofprey

    The Song Title Game

    Sister Morphine - The Rolling Stones
  14. Birdsofprey

    S2 Mira pickgaurd mods.

    As I'm going to refinish this S2 in Emerald or Jade Green figured I'd do the pickgaurd mod I had in my head. I need to add a piece of Mahogany under the treble pickup forward mounting point otherwise it all works out. Pickups btw are a Suhr Aldrich set with US electronics.
  15. Birdsofprey

    The Song Title Game

    (Sitting’ On) the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
  16. Birdsofprey

    The Song Title Game

    557 - Pat Metheny
  17. Birdsofprey

    We Have A Sex Problem, Houston!

    Oh boy, we won’t even get into refins!
  18. Birdsofprey

    Unexpected New PRS Day - Special SH

    Both those guitars colors are drool worthy! Very nice indeed.
  19. Birdsofprey

    Pattern Regular necks on Custom 24/24-08?

    Not sure of your timeframe for purchase but if you wait it will come maybe even in the color your looking for! I have a 2011 CU24 with a pattern regular neck and I have no issue swapping between that and other CU24’s with pattern thin/ wide thin, my personal fav. Good luck.