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  1. cjlloyd

    2022 New Offerings

    I’m sure many of you were eagerly anticipating this week’s update to the PRS lineup as I was. Here’s their summary for anyone who missed it: I did stumble across something rather tasty that wasn’t mentioned in this article though…
  2. cjlloyd

    What’s your favourite control layout?

    What’s your favourite switching configuration and why? Standard McCarty? 5-way blade? 408/509? Are there any pickup combinations you don’t normally get but would like to have? And what kind of layout do you prefer? How many pots? Where do you like the switch to be? It should be interesting to...
  3. cjlloyd


    Thought I would share with you what I’ve been up to this weekend as I made a few upgrades to my CE. I bought the SE bridge upgrade kit from John Mann which comprises a brass block, new springs, and higher quality saddles and mounting screws. I have to say everything is beautifully machined and...
  4. cjlloyd

    Locking tuner cap screws

    Hi everyone, Hoping you knowledgeable folk could help me out. I was perusing the store and had a thought. Would the silver sky tuner cap screws fit on other PRS locking tuners?Specifically the low mass tuners on CE/S2 models. I reckon it might be a good look. There’s no reason I can think of...