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  1. Wailing

    PRS Brent Mason general weight?

    My BM is around 7 pounds 9 ounces .... nice weight for me and it has a fantastic maple neck
  2. Wailing

    Name a song and it’s lyric that you’ve mistaken

    Spot the mistake I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dog says goodnight And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I sang that version to my daughter every night when she was a toddler. I was sure that was what Louis was singing
  3. Wailing

    Silver Sky versus Brent Mason?

    The neck on a Brent Mason is the bees knees…whereas the SS is just OK for me… which immediately puts the BM guitar in pole position
  4. Wailing


    How can we be certain it actually happened?
  5. Wailing

    Silver Sky Bridge Pickup

    It’s a shame you cannot just return the pick guard That would be my preferred route
  6. Wailing

    HSH options.....

    If a Brent Mason turns up they definitely meet the criteria, quack at 2 and 4, isolated middle pickup and Humbucker at the neck…
  7. Wailing

    Brent Mason harness

    Hi.. Thanks for your reply.. Yes I have lowered the pickup and raised the poles.. I’m not sure how far up it is feasible to raise them though… I’m surprised someone would want the guitar darker as the Korina body seems to already be doing that for me… The middle pickup is perfect… Just after a...
  8. Wailing

    Brent Mason harness

    Hi Folks I love my Brent Mason and am wondering if the harness (pots or caps) could be changed to increase the brightness of the neck and bridge 408s when set to single coil mode Cheers M’dears
  9. Wailing

    Which Two PRS - Gigging Edition

    My Brent Mason would cover a lot of ground… but my second guitar would have to have P90’s and I am unsure if PRS still make a core one that has a chunky neck… so I would have to grab my Gibson … or is there a PRS that would cover that base ?
  10. Wailing

    Dang Velas...

    So easy to change… buy buy buy
  11. Wailing


    Wowser… lovely looking geeeeetar
  12. Wailing

    1 Greenback with MT 15?

    I have one of the neo cream backs… excellent sound.. light .. and would easily take the amps output :)
  13. Wailing

    Should I put a 513/509 double pickup in my DC3?

    looks quite similar to my Brent Mason…
  14. Wailing

    I’m so excited !!

    Thanks Folks… Amazing evening… The Brent covered all bases as I hoped it would !! Although I have been practicing I haven’t played standing up at home so it took some time to relax and find my way … looking forward to the next one !!
  15. Wailing

    I’m so excited !!

    First rehearsal later today (Wednesday) since March 11th 2020, getting Covid..and acquiring my Brent Mason…. I’m going to hear it loud for the first time in a band context… does life get any better ???
  16. Wailing

    Maple fretboard?

    If you can find a Brent Mason with a maple board you will not have to pay wood library prices and will be getting an awesome tone machine !!
  17. Wailing

    Upgraded SE Santana good buy?

    Are you able to try it out?? If it sings it’s worth it
  18. Wailing

    Where to find original Vela neck pickup or replacement?

    PRS have the bridge pickup on sale at this moment in time in the UK !!
  19. Wailing

    Incoming-Soon (hopefully) NGD: 1994 CE 22

    Fantastic guitar... stop fretting (intentional pun) stay in the moment... it’s on its way and smiles can be hard to find so enjoy the experience when you open that case
  20. Wailing

    Where to find original Vela neck pickup or replacement?

    Such a great description and is why I decided not to change the neck pickup... I am going to pop a USA Starla pickup in the bridge at some point to see if there is any difference... it’s such a great guitar