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  1. GuitarJammin

    Went wireless tonight

    I use a cheap carvin wireless when I work on guitars as I like to plug into a rack tuner and use it from a distance to tune up and set up. The vocalist in our band likes me to hook up my guitar to his vocal harmony I use the wireless for that running off of my tuner pedal bypass to...
  2. GuitarJammin

    Your opinions on capos..?

    I've seen my brother use the Thalia Capos with teflon inserts on my electrics...not only do you get radius matching...but doing a bend won't leave you hanging. I've never used capos for my playing.
  3. GuitarJammin

    New to PRS… Choosing model.

    Definitely skip the SEs...they are not telling. Looking at all the other guitars you already have give a custom 24, DGT, 408, Paul's guitars a try. 509/513 are longer than 25" scale..but look them up too. Now if you intend on selling off your LP eventually....a 594 or SC250 might have you...
  4. GuitarJammin

    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    cu24 + 2 S2(SE245/P24) = (SC594) - PS513
  5. GuitarJammin

    Need a new wireless...

    Yea I'm still playing jump rope at gigs...I've been hard headed at going wireless. I've seen my buddies with issues in the past and I've stayed away. I think I need to revisit this's 2022 now not 1996.
  6. GuitarJammin

    An epiphany.....

    Yup gotta communicate. It goes a long way. I'm wrapping up a year here at the end of November with this cover band I'm in. Previously I had NEVER done covers, not even learning them for my own amusement. It's been a heck of a year and the band gets along great. We all communicate well...
  7. GuitarJammin

    New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

    I liked that flanger. I'll get one down the road probably.
  8. GuitarJammin

    MT15 (temporary?) volume drop?

    Ugh....I'm dealing with this right now on a totally different amp. Diezel D-Moll. The amp is loud and proud but when I switch to clean the volume drops like 90%....I crank up the channel vol and gain and you hear crackles...and it gets full power...then I back off it's normal. Dirt channels...
  9. GuitarJammin

    Noisy Pick Ups?

    Noiseless pickups make no noise. I’m surprised or not surprised. I’ve never owned Vox AC amps so I’m not familiar. If it’s an issue with the guitar I’m sure the guitar employee and rep would’ve exposed it. Humbuckers have more output therefore more gain. Plus I’m not sure the amount of...
  10. GuitarJammin

    What is 1 piece of gear you regret letting go of that is too expensive to replace now?

    The ones that burn me to this day...... A WL CU24 floyd with Korina body and neck and Braz FB, 59/09 neck and 57/08 bridge. And a 2010 Starla hardtail that freakin played like a dream
  11. GuitarJammin

    Noisy Pick Ups?

    You should be able to turn your guitar volume up all the way as much as you please. If you touch the guitar strings and the noise stops, your guitar probably does not have a grounding issue. However...amps make noise...if your issue is with noise you'd look at the amp. You said this is your...
  12. GuitarJammin

    About to buy a used custom 24

    ...and after you upload the pic....use the "copy image address" option and paste that in the "insert image" field.
  13. GuitarJammin

    Should They Stay Or Should They Go...

    Well shoot....I'm different than everyone else I guess....I avoid posting NGDs cuz I'm prone to reselling if it's not a guitar that blows me away. I mean I've bought and sold over 150 guitars of all types since 2015 hunting for what really speaks to me....not keeping even great guitars unless...
  14. GuitarJammin

    Anyone offering aftermarket Tremolo Arms to fit SE models?

    paint it. Lots of options there. However I vote for the Mann bridge replacement.
  15. GuitarJammin

    S2 CU 24 Hardcase?

    I did this for my Silver Sky when I had it. You can take those universal cases, and move the neck holder/pocket drawer that usually attached with screws on the each side. Once you unscrew it you then move it up and down to match your guitar perfectly and then screw it back in. Yea you'll be...
  16. GuitarJammin


    Aw man that least you didn't have a Gibson there to lose it's head.
  17. GuitarJammin

    You Are The Newest PRS Signature Artist - Let's Talk!

    SC250 57/08 Neck and bridge Korina neck and Body 24 frets Rosewood Fretboard - no preference Abalone bird inlays Natural finish on back Ebony Veneer headstock Maple cap-no preference Color: Autumn Sunset fade.....basically from bottom up brown/orange/yellow/hint of pink/hint of blue I want...
  18. GuitarJammin

    Northern lights fading

    Really the whole summary of this story is if you are worried about fading.....Case your guitar. I do case me PS guitars when not in use...I'll display them in LED lit environment if I'm about to use them over a few days...but other than that...they get Cased...because I don't want fading.
  19. GuitarJammin

    What PRS pickup has less high end? The 59/09 or the 57/08? And other questions

    I've definitely been wanting to get my hands on some 53/10s!
  20. GuitarJammin

    What PRS pickup has less high end? The 59/09 or the 57/08? And other questions

    Yea the 57/08s are definitely the darkest pickups of my jam private stock SC250 anomaly aside. I've got this list of humbuckers installed in guitars: Bareknuckle Mules, BK rebel yells, BK Blackdogs, old school HFS/VB, Suhr Thornbuckers (The Brightest), Suhr Thornbucker plus, 57/08s...