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    NGD: PRS SE Mark Holcomb 7

    It's been a while since I posted on here. Mostly been lurking since I almost exclusively play acoustic gypsy jazz these days. Been listening to Periphery, Meshuggah, and the like a lot the last couple months so I decided to pick up a 7 string (and an 8 string but that was from a different...
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    Recommendations for learning Jazz...lessons, books, websites, videos? as well as courses on Soundslice by Denis Chang -
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    Solved / Would you go around with your 20k PRS?

    I used to do gigs with two Private Stock guitars that I carried in a double Mono gig bag. I just made sure that the guitars were either in my possession or within sight at all times.
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    If money was no object what PRS guitar would you have

    One with a pernambuco neck and knot inlays. Maybe also a singlecut.
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    What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

    Gypsy Jazz is The Way Here's what it sounds like:
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    Custom 24 Floyd- opinions?

    My Bonni Pink CU24 had a maple neck and fretboard. It was a great instrument. It would do 80's stuff all day, but it was also very versatile. I wish I still had it. This is the one I had:
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    Need a Strat played by a legend?

    I really want that Selmer Django Reinhardt model....
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    The Fat Guy Thread

    Thanks! It was totally worth it. Now is the hard part of maintaining.
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    The Fat Guy Thread

    Too bad this wasn't in 2021. I lost almost 70lbs this year and feel much healthier for it. Very glad I did it.
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    25 years in… NGD - 594 WL

    Congrats! That is one nice looking guitar!
  11. geese_com

    International buy?

    Bought a guitar from France last month. No issues at all. Shipped to me via UPS. Took a week including being delayed two days due to the winter storm.
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    PRS 2021 Launch Party

    Bonnie Pink SE.......I might have to pick one up as well.
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    Which one of you beat me to buying this (PS Violin Pernambuco)?

    I guess this is where it ended up with a new asking price of $15,000!
  14. geese_com

    Which one of you beat me to buying this (PS Violin Pernambuco)?

    I emailed Dave's anyways to tell them that I am interested if the sale falls through. The one day I decide not to check Dave's website in the middle of the day because I was trying to be responsible and get some fiscal-year end stuff done.....
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    Which one of you beat me to buying this (PS Violin Pernambuco)?

    At $5,995 for a Private Stock Violin McCarty with a Pernambuco neck and Celtic Knots, this was a heck of a deal. I check Dave's site every day, but did not check it until later today than usual. If it was one...
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    RIP - Frankie Clarke

  17. geese_com

    RIP Craig Huffman

  18. geese_com

    RIP Forum member, Ruger PC

    RIP. I remember meeting him during one of the time I went to Experience. He was very kind and welcoming and easy to talk to.
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    Another option is getting a PRS SE Floyd Custom 24 with a maple neck from the UK limited run. This dealer will ship to the US. I asked them before about it. PRS SE Floyd Custom 24 Quilt with Torrified Maple Neck in Whale Blue #T01146...