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    Vela Lovers… Help

    I stupidly sold the perfect Vela Gold with Birds IMG_4040 by
  2. Rider1260

    High E string keeps breaking on PRS SE SILVER SKY

    8th fret is an odd spot for a string to break hmmm , I would try a bit of 000 steal wool or 3000 grit clear coat sand paper on the frets around that area. I also agree possible bad batch of strings
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    The Ideal Guitar Case - If Only!

    I want a case that can shrink my guitar for the plane ride.
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    Hollow, semi-hollow, solid body preferences

    For me it just depends on what my ears are hearing , hollow , semi hollows have a softer rounder edge to notes and less thump to the low end. Very pleasing when jamming alone or when you are looking to be big in a mix ( for me ) I like the lighter weight ( except the 335 which weighs a ton )...
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    Silver Sky neck question

    The Silver Sky neck is on the bigger side , the maple board looks to have slightly rounder shoulders. necks new by
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    Meet the Family

    The 245 Mira and the Vela 2 I let go that I really miss ( I miss any I let go ) GREAT Group !!!!
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    Happy Thanksgiving family photos

    hint - no strings , vintage inspired
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    Steve Morse departs Deep Purple

    Yea Steves had wrist issues and now his wife its time to take care of his family , Simon McBride is slated to takes Steves spot.
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    HDRX-20 Could use some BIAS advice and thoughts on this.

    All the PRS amps I have for worked on seem to be right at or near 30ma bias ( MT15 , H ) I have run EL34s in the MT15 and have EL34s in my H With an amp that new I would 110% contact PRS they have been very open to recommending Bias and tube types and values
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    PRS Fret wear - Bad technique or setup?

    Nothing to bad going on there IMHO that's not even close to a recrown , heavy strings and playing will scuff the frets you will have many years before anything more than a polish might be needed to my eye. my 2002 CU24 has some fret divots you can see them and a recrown would easily fix it but...
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    Happy Thanksgiving family photos

    Trying to think of hints without giving it away , Hmm Its PRS Its Black Who am I kidding you will prob guess it for just that , No more clues for you.
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    Happy Thanksgiving family photos

    You are welcome over anytime you know.
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    Happy Thanksgiving family photos

    Happy accident when we rearranged the furniture in the basement for a family gathering the couch lined up with the guitar wall so far less moving to snap a pic. always a bit nerve wracking just waiting for one to tip over. And I love a Black Friday sale ( Thanks John Mann ) now the wait begins...
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    Has anyone played both the limited run SSH (58/15MTs) and the newer core SSH (58/15LTs)?

    The LTs for some reason were not a fit for me , the Mts are perfect I often just leave them tapped and go to position 2 or 4 ( add the narrow field ) when I want more :)
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    Intermittent hum with new HDRX 20.

    well you checked seating and microphonic tubes, sounds like a grounding issue on that switch you mentioned, seems like your handy it might be worth pulling it out of the cab and looking at that switch for loose grounding wires. I would contact the dealer you got it from they will likely just...
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    Hdrx20- NAD and first tube amp! Attenuator help

    The only amp I have without a master Vol is my Fender Vibrolux and I use a Weber Mass 200 (they also make smaller ones ) that I got used, the better sounding/feeling attenuators I have I have used have speaker drivers in them , makes the sound feel like a speaker is attached others I have tried...
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    New/Set Up

    Sometimes a guitar is a Goldylock guitar and its JUST RIGHT and for me PRS hits that make way more often than most. BUT every guitar has gotten better after I give it a once over setup with my strings , action , fretboard condition etc just some love after its long journey to my house.
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    New Video with Paul

    Enjoyed the video was very interesting where he talked about trying to get a bone nut to work in a Trem guitars , plays to the feeling I got changing the Fiore nut from bone ( stock ) the a traditional PRS nut. To be honest I would love to get an honest answer about changing to more vintage non...
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    If your 24 fret guitar is lacking sustain past the 12 fret it is most often a set up issue , a small truss rod adjustment or action adjustment can have a big effect on sustain , 1) check strings , gauge etc - Old strings or even the strings on a new guitar can be dull or dead sounding , does...
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    Let's talk treble bleeds... (DGT)

    I seem to remember an interview where DG said he runs the tone down also , funny I find my DGT to be on the warm side tone wise , it came to me with Mira pickups with covers that were brighter and sounded really good in my DGT. I have grown to enjoy the DGT pickups over time.