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  1. ViggoP

    DGT tuning issue

    It’s absolutely possible to fix that issue, all it takes is just the right amount of filing or sanding. The hard part is knowing when to stop. But if you go really slow and make sure to not remove material from the bottom of the slot you should be fine eventually.
  2. ViggoP

    Special Semi-Hollow Pickup Swap?

    Mine is mahogany neck and body. No mud.
  3. ViggoP

    DGT tuning issue

    I don’t understand why they use bone nuts at all on any model. The regular PRS core nut is great, I’ve had no tuning issues with either of my guitars equipped with that. There are bone nuts on both my DGT and my MEV and I’ve had (now sorted) issues with both. Like others have said, hit the...
  4. ViggoP

    Special Semi-Hollow Pickup Swap?

    I agree completely. And it’s not just that the ”single coil” sounds of the 58/15MT are fantastic on their own (by very far the best single coil sound of any humbucker I’ve ever heard), it’s also that the relationship between the humbucker sounds and the single coil sounds is so seamless without...
  5. ViggoP

    Special Semi-Hollow Pickup Swap?

    Don’t do it!
  6. ViggoP

    DGT String Gage 11's

    Yes, go right ahead. I think most guitar players would get along great with a DGT. To me, it’s one of the best PRS models ever. The neck profile is just so perfect.
  7. ViggoP

    DGT String Gage 11's

    I currently have a hybrid 10-49 set on mine which works great. I liked it with 11’s too. Maybe 10.5 is the sweetspot.
  8. ViggoP

    ME V Capacitor Switch Question

    From what I can tell sonically, down is 500k and up 250k. That way it also matches the pickup switches with down for humbucker and up for single coil. But the difference is very small and I might be wrong. It’s a bit strange how it works since there is no difference in output. Physically...
  9. ViggoP

    Audio Interfaces - Let's Talk!

    RME Fireface 800. It’s old but still really good, super stable and extremely low latency.
  10. ViggoP

    Did/does the Special Semi Hollow Body come in different neck profiles?

    As far as I know the ”Pattern Vintage” is only used on the McCarty 594-models. My SSH Limited has got a ”Pattern” profile and I think all of the SSH of that generation does. Not sure if the newer core SSH version is available with ”Pattern Thin”. Edit: wrote ”Pattern Regular” by mistake
  11. ViggoP

    Plays Tight (DGT)

    You can make a Les Paul feel super slinky by setting it up with a low string break angle over the bridge, either by setting the tailpiece high or by ”top wrapping” the strings around the tailpiece. Since it is a hardtail design, string bending is slightly easier on a Les Paul. On a tremolo...
  12. ViggoP

    Overlap between MEV and Special 22?

    I have a MEV and a Special 22 SH Limited and they are both awesome. I think that the single coil option on the MEV makes it very versatile but I don’t think the middle pickup works that well with the neck and bridge in humbucker mode. I also think that the single coil sounds are on the thinner...
  13. ViggoP

    Raw vintage springs

    You can just use heat-shrink tubing, it’s probably cheaper.
  14. ViggoP

    HSH options.....

    It sounds like the SSH would be a perfect match for you. Others have also suggested the MEV and that is a very valid option, I have one of those as well and it’s amazing. But I do think that the SSH is a better bang for the buck, the MEV is more expensive, and the combination of the pickups with...
  15. ViggoP

    HSH options.....

    I think the Special 22 Semi-Hollow is really hard to beat all things considered. I really think it’s one of the best models PRS has ever made.
  16. ViggoP

    NGD: DGT, struggling with brightness

    The Silver Jubilee, as well as many other Marshall designs/mods, has got extremely pushed and extended highs compared to most amps. I haven’t really played a DGT but they are supposed to have very open and airy PAF style pickups which probably is achieved by a wind that extends the highs. I...
  17. ViggoP

    S2 594 Singlecut

    I played one in a store the other day and was extremely impressed. I owned a first year S2 Vela that I didn’t love. This was something very different.
  18. ViggoP


    To me it is. But the MEV is fantastic in every other way so I can live with that.
  19. ViggoP


    The difference is subtle to say the least, also with a clean sound. Sometimes I wonder if the switch is even connected to anything at all (it is, but I would never be able to tell what setting I was in blindly). I haven’t noticed it affecting the pot taper in a substantial way.
  20. ViggoP


    It’s beautiful, I would love to own that guitar. I have two guitars in that finish, it’s a favourite. Feel free to post more pics!