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  1. TimPA

    Hollowbody vs S2 Semi Hollowbody

    Quick question for the Hollowbody lovers. I bought my dream guitar, an HBII, last year and I may be looking to add to my collection. I love the sound and resonance of the guitar, but really don't want to bring it to gigs. I know it's made to be played, but I really do baby the guitar. I was...
  2. TimPA

    I finally bought a Hollowbody II

    So I picked up a 30th Custom 24 about 6 weeks ago and didn't expect to get another guitar for awhile, but I was cruising the used section of a big box music store and came across a new listing for a used HBII for an amazing price. I called the out of state store today and verified the price was...