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  1. Wakester

    New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

    So i heard a rumor there are 5 golden tickets in pedal boxes across the globe. And, the people who find said ticket get a private tour of the factory and a chance to win a lifetime supply of guitars. Really who did you hear that from? Well, you actually. What, are you smokin crack or...
  2. Wakester

    Talent. Is it Really 60% Nature, 40% Nurture, Or What?

    Some people were born for greatness, others had it thrust upon them in the heat of battle. Me, i stepped in it on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  3. Wakester

    Talent. Is it Really 60% Nature, 40% Nurture, Or What?

    I can write lyrics, that part is easy. I can dream up melodies, but i can not get my fingers to translate them to the strings of a guitar, or the keys of a piano. My talents lie elsewhere, like fixing things, or pissing people off.
  4. Wakester

    What is 1 piece of gear you regret letting go of that is too expensive to replace now?

    I regret letting go of the Harmony H-71 that I bought for $45 at a yard sale. I spent many hours and a little cash restoring it. I know Harmony is synonymous with the cheap japanese guitars found in the Sears Catalog, but this one was sort of rare. It was one of the last ones made in the US in...
  5. Wakester

    SE Angelus Soundhole Cover?

    Turn your gain down on the amp.
  6. Wakester

    The Song Title Game

    Im In Love With My Car - Queen
  7. Wakester

    245 SE Flamed Maple $350, good buy?

    Paid the same for mine. It was 2vyears old and mint. Do It!
  8. Wakester

    SURPRISE! SURPRISE! My tiny PRS family just grew by one!

    Bummer! I bet everyone has gone through Reverbs Sold Listings for the past 3 weeks to figure out, who not to buy from now.
  9. Wakester

    SE Mods

    Dropped in a set of Planet Tones 1957's in the 245 today on a whim. OMG! they AWESOME! The uncovered neck is clear and articulate on clean channels, and crunchy where it needs to be. The covered bridge is crunchy even on a clean channel and sounds amazeballs on distortion channels. I'm stoked I...
  10. Wakester

    God Save The Queen

    God Save The Queen
  11. Wakester

    PRS Pedals?

    Oooh, a pun chain. I'm in! On topic I think PRS branded FX pedals will lose momentum after a year or two, then be discontinued. Which, could make them more valuable on the used market.
  12. Wakester


    Don't count on it.
  13. Wakester

    Underrated Singers - Let's talk!

    Mike Matijevic - the real voice of Rock Star and Steel Dragon
  14. Wakester

    The Greatest Rock Bands (For You) - Let's Talk!

    Marillion Styx Zebra Triumph Asia Yes - in all its forms ELP .38 Special Journey Creed Scott Stapp
  15. Wakester

    Underrated Singers - Let's talk!

    +1 for Myles. Maybe Wahlberger too.
  16. Wakester

    Underrated Singers - Let's talk!

    Chris Thompson
  17. Wakester

    What Are Some Of Your Favorite Solos? Let's Discuss!

    My Sharona - The Knack
  18. Wakester

    Random. No more or less

    Open Mike night sounded like a fun time, until I realized I was invited to an autopsy.
  19. Wakester

    Joe Bonamassa rig rundown

    I saw him when he was 16 and just starting out. Still has that cocky attitude his father gave him. Great player, just a little head strong for where he came from.
  20. Wakester

    Snacks - Let's Talk!

    Yeah, if i wanted to it would go fast. But, I like to savor that smokey beefy goodness, so I take my time.