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    Cool! Congrats!
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    local GC have old stock on sales again!!!

    I got the call from GC, he read off what was available and nothing appealed to me. Do I have my GAS under control? Maybe, maybe
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    The DG 30 Should Have A Warning Label: This Amp Can Be Addictive.

    Congrats Les on another fine tool in your toolbox.
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    Why does my Prs go out of tune? I need help

    This may sound weird, because we've been taught to tune up to pitch, not down, but, you might want to try tuning down to pitch. I've found, especially with new strings, this works, at least until the strings have broken in, then I go back to tuning up to pitch. It's worth a try, at the very least.
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    Took my GG bass in to my dealer to hear...

    Funny that you say that! He tells me that I spend too much time reading these threads. In one way, he may be right. In other ways, he is definitely wrong. These threads have helped me make good decisions and LESS mistakes when it comes to buying musical gear. Basically, he is afraid of...
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    NGD - Pernambuco

    Love the color and the figuring on the top! Congrats on a gorgeous guitar. DGT's are my favorite PRS.
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    Took my GG bass in to my dealer to hear...

    I asked my local dealer if he was going to get one for store stock because I would love to try one and he said no. Now I have to ask my local GC, or have them order one for me. I have a 1990, which I love and a 2000, which is going to be sold because I don't play it enough (I'm a guitarist...
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    New PRS DGT day and a few questions

    1. Did you keep the 11's size strings? If you did are your other guitars alos 11's. DGT Std owner here. I kept the 11's, I have 11's on my SCHB Std and can bend them. With the trem and non-wound G, bending is even easier with the DGT. I like the fatter tone of 11's. I practice with my...
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    NAD! 2 Channel H 20 watt!

    Cool, thanks. I would love to try one of those! I have a Carr Rambler with 6L6's and I love that. I wonder how the two compare?
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    NAD! 2 Channel H 20 watt!

    Two others have asked, but you haven't replied, what kind of power tubes does this new amp have?
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    NAD! 2 Channel H 20 watt!

    Subscribed. Congrats on what looks like an incredible and different amp.
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    A New Amp Stand Experiment On Its Way

    Les, Thanks for the detailed review. Although we have no problem in my music room with vibrations, when I go into my master bath, and the bass player is playing, I can hear my hvac rattling in the attic. His bass cab is on an Auralex Gramma. I don't know if it's the volume, or if this might...
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    A New Amp Stand Experiment On Its Way

    I look forward to reading your comments once you have the Isoacoustics stand and try it out for a while. Thanks for your input.
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    A New Amp Stand Experiment On Its Way

    I like the Auralex Gramma under my Fender SS22. On the floor, the bass is muddy and boomy, on the Auralex Gramma, the bass seems to be tighter, more defined and not muddy. Does this make sense? I'm not good at describing sound.
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    A New Amp Stand Experiment On Its Way

    Subscribed. I'm curious how this compares to the Auralex Gramma. Or, are they 2 totally different animals?
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    NGD!! PS Koa for Kine!

    Congrats on a gorgeous guitar which highlights what the private stock program is all about!
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    All-time best Private Stock color?

    PS #65 IRW neck, BRW board, semi-hollow McCarty model, one piece double stained Tiger's Eye top. Still safe and sound in my home. PS #108 Santana II, semi-hollow, SC thickness, BRW neck and board, Tiger's Eye. Sold [/IMG][/URL]
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    PRS Private Stock - Cocobolo

    That's awesome! Congrats on a fine acquisition! Play her in good health!
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    NGD: Private Stock Angelus Acoustic!

    Pete, I started on acoustic and I am glad. Generally, acoustics can be a little harder to play than electric. I prefer practicing on my acoustics, making sure I play clean and smooth (when plugged in you'll really see your "sins") which translates to me playing better on my electrics. Just...
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    PRS Studio owners' Poll

    I bought one, played it that night at our weekly jam. Great guitar, just not for me. My bass player and I both prefer my DGT Std over the studio. We both prefer the studio for clean rhythm parts and the DGT for the distorted solo parts. I did like the sound of the 57 08 in the bridge for...