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  1. Formvar

    I've gotten the bug...NGD Tiger 10-top

    Well, you know how this goes. After getting my Artist I back after 23 years, I am now searching out other PRS guitars. I think i've got it bad... Picked up a 35th anniversary 10-top last week. I like the curl on this piece of maple. Plays and sounds great right out of the box. Already had it in...
  2. Formvar

    NOGD - Artist I - Thanks 11top!

    Hi all, First post here. I want to share a story about getting a PRS guitar back after 23 years. In 1990 I was touring around the US and took to PRS guitars. I gigged with a Mahogany Standard and a Purple custom. I also worked at a music store in Colorado where I decided, in '91, to custom...