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  1. DCDetector

    NGD: The big brown truck showed up finally.

    My new Custom 24 Floyd 10 Top. In Black Gold. Only got to play it for a bit last night but I am lovin it so far.
  2. DCDetector

    Custom 22, McCarty or CE24?

    Looking for a new addition to the family. Only PRS I've got right now is a SE Zach Myers. Looking at either a Custom 22, McCarty or CE24? or? Thanks
  3. DCDetector

    Thoughts on the Zach Myers Signature SE

    Hello, I got a chance to buy a PRS Zach Myers Signature SE for around $550. How does this model compare to the typical, considered good, PRS's? I mean is this like the Epiphone or faded for PRS? Thanks
  4. DCDetector

    Newbie question about PRS ranking.

    Not sure if this subject is controversial or not but I got's the ask. I'm looking to buy my first PRS and I want a good one. For Fenders you have a ranking of: Squire MIM, MIJ (made in Mexico/Japan) Stratocaster Stratocaster Classic Stratocaster Standard Stratocaster Deluxe Gibson you have...