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  1. Alessandro

    Tuning issues when using tremolo - PRS SE custom 24

    That would probably be because you missed the point completely. It’s not the guitar. It’s the players expectations and approach. Adjust those and you’ll have better results.
  2. Alessandro

    Gold buttons for se tuning pegs

    Any gold Chinese tuner on Amazon will fit. Put a set on my Tonare acoustic. Also used the gold tuner button screws and gold nuts for less than $20 Cad
  3. Alessandro

    Wing Tuners

    I’ve got a set in trying to sell from my ‘99 custom 22. Mine are different than most I’ve seen in that they have the same screw alignment of phase II tuners but are the winged style
  4. Alessandro

    Looking for a wiring diagram

    If they both have the braided wire plus the white wire for coil splits nothing changes at all just straight swap in and out
  5. Alessandro

    Tuning issues when using tremolo - PRS SE custom 24

    I’ll be the guy to talk about expectations vs reality. And I have 2 se trem equipped guitars that perform better than any Floyd rose I’ve ever owned. a tremolo is not designed for you to do a dive bomb and then check your tuning stability immediately after. That isn’t realistic and that’s not...
  6. Alessandro

    Any Friends of the SE 277 ?

    Fwiw I’ve got a used 277 a few months back for and amazing steal of a deal I absolutely love how it plays and feels and sounds. I play metal on it but also some more groovy funky stuff like mark lettieri and I have to say this thing is really growing on me and giving me a new way to approach...
  7. Alessandro

    PRS Se Hollowbody ll Piezo Amp help pls

    And I always recommend a 2 amp setup over one loud amp. Always gives a more full tone IMO and a katana is so versatile. Wouldn’t stop using tube amps but it’s a great tool
  8. Alessandro

    PRS Se Hollowbody ll Piezo Amp help pls

    I have a katana 100 and use it as my acoustic amp and I also dial in an acoustic sim pedal into the programable effects and it sounds really amazing whereas I’ve really only ever heard a “passable” sound before trying this. I recommend giving that a shot see if your local store can dial in that...
  9. Alessandro

    Any interest in a core standard?

    and p90s :cool:
  10. Alessandro

    Who’s got some Gotoh Wings that wants PII’s?

    I have a set of wing tuners like this with the Ebony buttons but to complicate things I’m in Toronto Canada
  11. Alessandro

    ZM Tuner rattle

    wow reviving this to share what a great tip! I’ve had this problem with vintage tuners for years and never thought to try this and glad to say it solved my problem on 3 separate guitars lol. I’m a bit clumsy
  12. Alessandro

    Tremolo arm bush

    Fwiw I never push the bar in with the screw tight. To be honest it’s never come out since I installed it the first time but I loosen the screw if I ever want to take it and then tighten it after I install it again. I would try that before replacing the bushing. And definitely loosen the screw...
  13. Alessandro

    Initial Silver Sky observations

    I’ve had a few guitars I got new have static issues for a whike. Usually goes away after few weeks but rubbing dryer sheets will help also unless it’s really severe.
  14. Alessandro

    NGD, Myers Blue!

    Wow that is really nice. How did you manage to get those buttons off/on?
  15. Alessandro

    Phase 1 wing tuners

    No mine is the newer style
  16. Alessandro

    Phase 1 wing tuners

    informative and exactly answers my question!
  17. Alessandro

    Phase 1 wing tuners

    Howdy ho Just picked up a ‘99 custom 22 with the old style tuners and they are a pain in the butt I’m wondering if phase 2 tuners will swap without modifications it looks like they will. I thought I’d give a try to see if anyone was interested in a trade for a set of phase 2 tuners. I...
  18. Alessandro

    I need help in my decision

    I played an epiphone sg for my first 10 years playing before finally being able to upgrade to a prs se custom 24. I do still love sg still guitars and I was always puzzled by people's definition of the "neck dive" as some kind of issue with construction. It has nothing to do about that and it...
  19. Alessandro

    Post your cool inlay ideas

    I’m Canadian so maple leafs and marijuana leafs lol
  20. Alessandro

    Coil Split: SE Paul’s Guitar vs S2 McCarty 594

    I think the 594 scale length means the split sounds are not very great. I think 25" or 25.5" 22 fret models from prs get you the best split sounds out there. I still think it's not to have that option on every guitar because that thinness will go away if you up the gain some and it's definitely...