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    I am the only one who damages his PRS headstocks?

    I own 3 PRS I love, but for different reasons everytime I buy one I damage their pointy headstocks. Yesterday my strap has failed (damned PRS strap buttons, I cannot use my beer rubbers to lock them!), and I damaged my loved Vela head. The finish is so thin, and the head is so pointy, that...
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    Rubber band on push pull pots

    I have a wonderful PRS studio. It’s a great guitar, the best I ever owned: the bridge humbucker is sweet, the narrowfields are some of the best pickups I heard. My studio has in my opinion only 1 little defect: the tone pot is push pull to split the humbucker, but the crystal clear knob is...
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    Piezo with neck single coil (or splitted hb)

    I find the p22 is an amazing guitar! But I nearly never use the humbucker on the neck position. I think it’s a shame that doesn’t exists a p408 (408 with piezo system), a studio piezo or a p22 with splittable neck position. I am the only one? A p408 would be a killer guitar, with every sound one...