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    Need help deciding......again.

    I'd probably go CE. As a guy that up until recently just knew that he was a hardtail guy, I've been playing around with a trem and having way too much fun.
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    Locking tuner option for McCartys?

    Really? I would have lost that bet. I thought for sure the diameter would be different.
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    NGD: Paul's Guitar Orange Tiger

    For sure. I figured as much. I still feel like I'm learning so much about the current market price of PRSi. This is such a great source of information from so many players. I'm still relatively new to all things PRS. I've played a few, only own the Zach Meyers SE currently. I did have a 25th...
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    PRS SE Pauls Guitar replacement tuners? These dropped right in to my PRS SE Zach Meyers, which also has the vintage style tuners. Didn't even swap bushings. They're working great for the week or so I've had them installed.
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    NGD: Paul's Guitar Orange Tiger

    I'm sure you'll have lots of people interested, myself included. Now whether or not I can afford it is another discussion entirely. I'd be interested to know how much you're looking for when you decide to unload it. Speaking of, is there a classifieds on this forum that I've overlooked so far...
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    Zach Myers Locking tuner replacement - cuation

    I literally upgraded my ZM tuners last week. Here's what I bought, and I didn't even swap bushings. Just removed two screws, cleaned off the dust that was inside those tuners, placed the new ones on and used the new screws. They are Kluson Revolution 19:1 gear ratio tuners, No Collar Locking...
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    NGD - Paul’s Guitar Copper

    @Drlepp It took me a while, and I still struggle with it, but I try really hard to not subscribe to that 'I don't deserve my gear' mentality. I realize that you're being humble (which is always a good call in my opinion), as well as being a little self conscious about your playing (as we all...
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    NGD - PRS SE Custom 24-08 Eriza Verde with MODS

    I'm not trying to post the photos. I'm just trying to feast my eyes upon them! With that said, I've only posted a photo on here roughly forever ago, so I probably do need that refresher.
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    PRS Paul's Guitar VS PRS Studio

    I can't speak to the Studio, as I haven't played one, and also, I'm not a big trem guy. I know a guy that could be interested in your Paul's Guitar if you decided to sell it. It's me. I'm the guy. I'm interested. (Haha, my wife might not be stoked on that, but what can you do? It's easier to...
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    NGD - PRS SE Custom 24-08 Eriza Verde with MODS

    Can anyone help clue me in as to why the pictures aren't showing up for me?
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    NGD - Paul’s Guitar Copper

    I have a beard, you can send it to me. Seriously, congratulations on your new guitar. That thing is gorgeous. I never considered myself a fan of a brown guitar either, but after seeing a few of these copper PGs, I have to admit, I absolutely love the way they look. Maybe someday I'll be able to...
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    New 2021 S2 love

    This. 1000x this.
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    PRS 2021 Launch Party

    Hey everyone. I've been missing awhile, but I'm back now. Was super stoked to see Bonnie Pink get announced for SE, but was really hoping to see it as more than just a custom 24 color. I would be $1000 lighter if they would have said they were making a Bonnie Pink PG for the SE line. I guess I...
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    NGD!!! S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow Dark Cherry

    That's a good looking guitar! I was pretty stoked when I got the email about these. Certainly going to do my best to resist the urge. HNGD.
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    Give me a jerk you shirt! Wait! No... Crap. I love you?
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    For the Mothers on the Forum...

    YOUR MOM'S A MOTHER! Wait... What?
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    Starting to get upset....

    Well... that escalated quickly.
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    The "Show Off Your ZM" Thread

    Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it. I like the blank TRC, at least for now.
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    The "Show Off Your ZM" Thread

    Here it is.
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    PRS SE Zach Myers - Trampas Green Subpar finishing

    Glad to hear yours was free of any issues. After giving mine a good look I found that I do have some of the issues you guys mention, but they seem to be less harsh than the pictures I've seen on here. The top is fine though, and I'm extremely happy with how well it plays. We swapped pickups in...