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  1. Fran in London

    Two of my best...

  2. Fran in London

    I am not sure if I showed you this... (PRS Bass IV 1990)

    This is NOT a bass that has been relic'd to make it look like that. Custom order in Shoreline Gold. The nitro started to crack some 20 years ago and I've had it from new, bought it in 1990 so it's a 31 year old bass, all original the first series Paul ever did except the prototypes, this has 3...
  3. Fran in London

    I turned my DGT into a Custom 22 (wiring that is...)

    I have been looking for a used DGT in very good conditions because I like the neck and the pickups, the way they sound as humbuckers, I don't really care for the single coil split. I did find an exceptionally good one almost pristine 2012 a 10 top no less for the amount of money I was planning...
  4. Fran in London

    I need some help, anyone here in UK please read on if you can help

    I am trying to get an Amber lampshade knob, but our European official PRS parts store is out of stock until June or later, I have found one or two for sale on ebay but they are from the US and have a hefty shipping cost. Any UK based people here have one spare to sell to me I can PayPal you...
  5. Fran in London

    Where can I get a push/push pot instead of a push/pull?

    Hi all I have a DGT that has the coils split on a push / pull pot and I find it quite uncomfortable to use specially if you are holding a pick. I know some guitars have a spring loaded push push variant, do you happen to know what is the make and model and where can I get one? Thanks in advance