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  1. Luminandy

    Cold World - Sciencefight

    Thankful that we have been so busy! Soon we will have a chance to catch up, record a proper demo, and make a press kit. You know, the things a band is supposed to do first off haha. Hope some of you enjoy it! I am the bald dude with the NF3, Dan, has a custom 24. PRS played a major role in...
  2. Luminandy

    How many winds on phase iii

    I am new to these tuners, and love them. So far I just pull em to almost tight, then maybe get a half a wrap around. I have had no problem with tuning stability. I was curious if this is just a preference thing, or does the amount of slack to be wrapped matter? I don't want to break strings...
  3. Luminandy

    quick wiring question on 59/09 into NF3 blade switch

    So I am really close here, and have searched will no luck. My 59/09 has a black and white (hot) and red (coil tap) wires. When I got it, the white was grounded to the blade housing. The black is on the proper place in the schematic. Pickup is weak sounding. I was wondering if I need to put...
  4. Luminandy

    Burl pickguard for HNF2

    Thanks again for all of your input! I learned a lot about wiring due to some issues, but she sounds fantastic!
  5. Luminandy

    opinions on veneer choice for pickguard

    Hello, I posted about my new axe last week. I didn't think I would be starting this so soon, but I hacked the pickguard even more to fit my gk3 in there, and the humbucker is not secured very well. It plays awesome and sounds great, just a bit unsightly. I have a piece of Baltic birch ply on...
  6. Luminandy

    NGD HNF2

    I got this on a stellar deal. The seller was really great with describing everything about this guitar to me. I am eventually going to make a new pickguard for her, maybe wood. The pickup mod was done poorly, with the 59/09 screwed directly onto the body, and two access holes on the guard...
  7. Luminandy

    My band Sciencefight vid "Inside Outside"

    This is one of our first tries shooting video at practice. I am the singer guitar player that you can barely see. We mic our practices, so I attempted to dub the audio over the video, but it is from the same performance. Not the best version, but we are very proud of this song :)
  8. Luminandy

    Pedal Tuners?

    So, I have a problem with over researching when I need a new piece of gear. I realized at the last show that my tuner wasn't cutting it (poor display). Luckily my PRS stays pretty well in tune throughout a show, and once the strings get settled, only goes a tad out, even when it travels a bit...
  9. Luminandy

    Dragon on ebay for a song

    At least the pics are of a dragon. It is listed as a 30th.anniversary, and described as an se model. If it is indeed a dragon I will buy it, then maybe re for a car! I sent them a message alerting them of their mistake. Looks like the pics were taken from a website because the logo...
  10. Luminandy

    Pretty poorly attempted knockoff being passed off as authentic

    It is on Ebay, but, I know we are not allowed to post any fs links. If you search Paul.Reed Smith, 6 string, right handed, faded blue, it should come up. Price is low for a cu, but way high.for a fake. Headstock, tuners, serial, are all way off, and that is just the beginning. I am no...
  11. Luminandy

    NGD: well, next best thing

    I gave my bandmate the itch when I showed up to practice with my new CE. He just couldn't believe how nice the tone is. I had the privilege of tagging along for the purchace. Gaining such an instrument in the band is second best to owning one, plus it didn't bankrupt me haha. I have been...
  12. Luminandy

    Show me your custom accessories

    If there is already a thread for this, I apologize, and would like a link to it. I would just like to see what some of your axes look like with some bling, like tuner buttons, pickup rings, knobs ect. I am especially interested in seeing them in wood. Thanks in advance.
  13. Luminandy

    Trem back plate, on or off?

    I don't know if this subject has been covered here, but, it didn't come up in a search. Just wondering what you trem users prefer and why.