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  1. DaveDaveDave

    The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

    I don't know if it's necessarily the best, but Red Tiger is totally the fastest color! ;)
  2. DaveDaveDave

    In praise of my Paul's Guitar...

    I've got an SE Paul's guitar, which I picked up as a "stunt-double" for my ME1 and 408 Semi-Hollow, both of which are kind of predecessors in Paul's Guitar lineage. But dang if that SE doesn't hold it's own!
  3. DaveDaveDave

    Modern Eagle 1 vs. Modern Eagle V (Tone comparison)

    Ditto on the brassy neck! So, I've been contemplating a 59/09 pickup swap on my ME1 for several years now, and every time I google up on it, I come across your posts - thank you! Question - what kind of music and tones are you going for? What nuances make the 59/09 the best choice for you...
  4. DaveDaveDave

    Travel Guitar

    Shortly after I got my 2007 Modern Eagle in 2016, I *knew* I needed a "stunt double", as there was no way I'd fly with it, as I'd had 3 guitars damaged in transit before. I opted for a used PRS SE Semihollowbody, and picked one up for $400 It's not a great guitar but fits the bill. I never...
  5. DaveDaveDave

    Should I Take My PRS With Me?

    Bring a less cherished guitar. Not because of the temperatures - I’ve had 3 damaged guitars from air travel. Since my Modern Eagle became my Number One, I bought a cheap used SE for vacation practice. The calmness I feel while in transit is invaluable!
  6. DaveDaveDave

    Modern Eagle 1, in search of soul mate...

    WRT the SSH, how different are the hum bucket sounds from the mainline core models? From the ME1?
  7. DaveDaveDave

    Modern Eagle 1, in search of soul mate...

    Hmmm... 513. Thinking on it, and listening to clips. It sure sounds different. The 509 is interesting too, but I’m not finding any rosewood necks out there. keep the ideas coming folks. Thanks!
  8. DaveDaveDave

    Modern Eagle 1, in search of soul mate...

    BLUF, I'm looking for a PRS that *feels* like my ME1, but sounds drastically different, providing me with a wider sonic palette. I love playing *all* styles of music, and I'd love if I could play them all half decently one day, and I find that different guitars pull my playing style in...
  9. DaveDaveDave

    How to stop bridge posts turning when bridge removed?

    If you have a nitro finish, use green painters tape. Blue can melt the finish!
  10. DaveDaveDave

    Flying with your beloved PRS

    I've had 3 "mishaps" with guitars in checked baggage, and each one was with hard case. So far no issues with gate-checked guitars in gig bags. I used to try to bring it as carry on as per DOT regulations and keep a printout of DOT-OST-2014-0231. I'd whip my copy of "the law" at the gate, but...
  11. DaveDaveDave

    Modern Eagle Quatro vs 594

    I like the way you describe things! Have you played an ME1 much, and if so, how would you compare the 594 and Quatro to it? It's the only RW neck guitar I have, and I'm hooked. I'm also interested in the differences between RP pickups and the pickups in later Modern Eagles, if you can...
  12. DaveDaveDave

    Lessons Learned - US Parts on SE

    True that... and to get'er in the case for the gig! ;-)
  13. DaveDaveDave

    Lessons Learned - US Parts on SE

    I prefer the Dunlops too, if only for the reason that they still work with regular straps just in case you forget one. One local luthier I know hates them and claims that the screw always gets stripped. Pondering this, I found that you absolutely need to use a thin enough screwdriver that...
  14. DaveDaveDave

    First PRS NGD finally

    Most bodacious! Congrats!
  15. DaveDaveDave

    PRS Model Survey

    I've ticked the "Paul's Guitar" for my Modern Eagle...
  16. DaveDaveDave

    2017 SpEculation thread.

    GMO/cloned BRW FTW! ;-)
  17. DaveDaveDave

    NGD (the one on the right...)

    In August, I picked up the minty ME1 on the left, from the most awesome Brian's Guitars. I've been squeamish to gig out with her in tiny clubs with no stage elevation, so I picked up this mint SE Semi Hollowbody to play the dive bars with. Stoked, left and right and upside-down!
  18. DaveDaveDave

    NGD: Beater 2005 Modern Eagle 1

    I wanted an Me1 for nine years until I got mine this summer - they're born to wear! Congrats on your beautiful guitar! Wear it further, and wear it well!