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  1. Luminandy

    Cold World - Sciencefight

    Thankful that we have been so busy! Soon we will have a chance to catch up, record a proper demo, and make a press kit. You know, the things a band is supposed to do first off haha. Hope some of you enjoy it! I am the bald dude with the NF3, Dan, has a custom 24. PRS played a major role in...
  2. Luminandy

    S2 Semihollow pickup change

    Try searching PRS pickup color code. A pdf file should show up in the search. This document will list all of the different types of pickups and what colors correspond with hot, ground, split coils etc. Hope this helps.
  3. Luminandy

    Talk me off the ledge... S2 Semi hollow custom 22 sounds dead

    PRS has schematics available for just about everything they have. I would look up the pickups as well. PRS pups will sometimes have black hot or white hot ect., then have opposites for neck and bridge. The wires might not be what you expect. Other than knowing what colors are what, I don't...
  4. Luminandy

    NGD-Custom 22/408 conversion

    I would guess they put a maple plug in there, then route out a new hole for the nf. The ring probably covers that area so it looks natural. They did a fine job! Beautiful axe!
  5. Luminandy

    New to the forum - Highly addicted to PRS now

    Couldn't get the Soundcloud link to work, but could just be my device. Enjoyed the video, and your playing. I have a Torero, that is great for that style, but didn't jive with the emgs so much. (Not that I can shred like that or anything). Superb playing btw!
  6. Luminandy

    Stings for a CE24

    I don't really have a problem with most branded strings. Use the gauge you are used to, and set up accordingly. I recently got an axe with 9 gauge strings, snd only had to tighten the claw screws to go up to tens. Strings will feel tighter the higher the action is on your guitar. I like 11...
  7. Luminandy

    How many winds on phase iii

    Great! Thanks everyone! I have only been tightening them by hand with no problems, but if I do, I will try the nickel trick. These tuners are so great! I could even change a string, stretch and tune it in a short enough time to just be a hiccup between songs in a live performance, but...
  8. Luminandy

    How many winds on phase iii

    I am new to these tuners, and love them. So far I just pull em to almost tight, then maybe get a half a wrap around. I have had no problem with tuning stability. I was curious if this is just a preference thing, or does the amount of slack to be wrapped matter? I don't want to break strings...
  9. Luminandy

    N Guitars days

    Those NF pups are hard to come by. I only have the neck and middle. Neck is amazing, and jury still out on middle. I might try a 408 kind of set up at some point. Interested to see what you end up doing. You will have to put down that other beauty for a second first hahaha.
  10. Luminandy

    N Guitars days

    Good trade! Is the pic of the NF3 older? Two loaded pickguards seem quite the opposite to having no electronics. 59/09s sound fantastic in them btw. Spectacular guitars both the ME and the 58. I'm sure you both are very satisfied.
  11. Luminandy

    Buying new vs used

    There are a few reasons why I buy used. Some make sense, and some don't. I have never owned a new guitar, car, or tooth brush. Even my house is from 1830.
  12. Luminandy

    How about a new CE 24 with a maple neck/board?

    I'm totally stuck on the all maple neck, especially the pattern regular with medium jumbo frets. I can understand how many would want this added to the CE line, but I'd think the SAS would be a great choice for those looking for something close to that. The PRS neck, any neck, is the main...
  13. Luminandy

    Sweet Little EG-3 (Incoming)

    She's real classy. Love the details. Especially the way the gold screws look with the pickguard.
  14. Luminandy

    quick wiring question on 59/09 into NF3 blade switch

    Did more extensive research. I think that I just have the white (ground) on the blade, and it should be on the tone pot casing.
  15. Luminandy

    Burl pickguard for HNF2

    The thread with the veneer choices is still up. I think it is not too far down. I don't feel right calling it an NF3, the guitar being named after it's pickups and all, but it would make sense to call it what it by the name it was born with, rather than what it has become.
  16. Luminandy

    Burl pickguard for HNF2

    I ended up making it. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
  17. Luminandy

    Burl pickguard for HNF2

    The veneer is very thin, and glued to 1/8" birch ply. Luckily, I had the right dremel bit to sand the taper for the screw holes. So luckily, it went in just fine. I was worried about the pickup mounting holes, but I lucked out.
  18. Luminandy

    quick wiring question on 59/09 into NF3 blade switch

    So I am really close here, and have searched will no luck. My 59/09 has a black and white (hot) and red (coil tap) wires. When I got it, the white was grounded to the blade housing. The black is on the proper place in the schematic. Pickup is weak sounding. I was wondering if I need to put...
  19. Luminandy

    NGD: Warning... BLUE guitar content. Viewer discretion advised.

    Really love the color blending in the grain, along with the burst! Very nice!
  20. Luminandy

    Burl pickguard for HNF2

    Thanks again for all of your input! I learned a lot about wiring due to some issues, but she sounds fantastic!