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  1. Stray Strummer

    Funny PRS Sighting

    For some reason the coming "This Is Spinal Tap 2" jumped into my brain reading the last paragraph. I thought there was an age limit on being allowed on stage with a Jackson. I'm stunned to learn that the Cyrkle is still together and making music. I still have the 45 that I bought when Red...
  2. Stray Strummer

    NGD - It's HERE!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, baby, that is sweet! Gotta hear a swamp ash some day soon.....wait, no I don't!
  3. Stray Strummer

    NG'sD - Custom 24 ..........and McCarty - thanks to you guys!!

    I usually go through Wild West guitars in Pasadena. They're great guys and have one heck of a variety of offerings - mostly Fender and PRS. They do a ton of business online, but since they're somewhat local I have a huge advantage in being able to visit the shop in person - and I've come to...
  4. Stray Strummer

    NGD! McCarty 594 Hollowbody content...

    I played that same model and pretty much the same color at my local dealer today. Totally blown away. I walked out with a McCarty solid body, which was my intention upon entering the shop, but it took all of the willpower I could muster up to not grab the Hollowbody II in addition. Warmest...
  5. Stray Strummer

    NG'sD - Custom 24 ..........and McCarty - thanks to you guys!!

    Full disclosure. Not two new guitars on one day, but close enough that I'm combining them into one post. I actually picked up the faded green Custom 24 a few weeks ago......and then thanks to spending too much time on this forum got interested in the McCarty 594, and what do you know, one...
  6. Stray Strummer

    NGD! Graveyard II!!!

    That is an absolutely stunning PS! Seriously envious here!
  7. Stray Strummer

    Who Would You Want To Front Your Band?

    Huge Koko Taylor fan here, and I agree, it would be fun to have her out in front. I was lucky enough to catch her at a small club not long before she passed and it's an experience I treasure. Not a whole lot of solo chances and pretty basic shuffles in her repertoire for the six string, but as...
  8. Stray Strummer

    NGD: Can’t Believe I’m…

    What a great find! Enjoy!
  9. Stray Strummer

    PRS Finishes

    Lots of good info in that link. It nicely addresses some questions I've wondered some I never knew. Thanks for posting!
  10. Stray Strummer

    Introduce yourself!

    After lurking for a bit I'm finally officially signing on in hopes that my new friends will advise and guide me through the PRS experience. I've had an SE for a while and while I love it am looking forward to moving up in the world. I sampled/played a couple of core models and it's only a...