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    Custom 24 no birds?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at a 2004 custom 24 with moon inlays. Does anyone know why it doesn't have birds? Was it an option to opt out for moons? Thanks so much and I'll post pics later of the family of the deal goes through.
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    Small pedal board

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a small pedalboard that can hold a Dunlop crybaby, a Digitech jam man looper and a reverb pedal. I know there's many out there but I'm just wondering if anyone has any preference that will fit these few pedals. Thanks
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    Soon to be NGD, thoughts welcome

    Hey everyone, I'll try and keep this short. So ever since I got my first core Prs, it's all I really play. I own 12 guitars which consist of higher end LTD's Ibanez's Dean etc. I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather own 6 great guitars and play them all at certain times as opposed to...