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  1. vox801

    NGD-Black Gold Santana

    '][/URL] My first Santana!
  2. vox801

    My first velvety black case...

    '][/URL] Mash Green Artist 594
  3. vox801

    NGD - 2016 Custom 24 Eriza Verde w/Ebony Fretboard

    Beautful Custom 24 in one of my favorite colors. 10 top chevron, leans more to the yellow/green. Pattern thin neck. 85/15 pickups, which I believe are my new favorites, absolutely the best sounding in all 5 positions. AND.... it was made on my birthday! Better pics to follow...
  4. vox801

    WARNING! Never go to a PRS EVENT!

    ... so I went to a PRS Event in DC put on by Chuck Levin's last night. PRS and Mike Ault. Small venue called the White Room. Of course they had their best samples on display for sale. PRS and Mike Ault playing in a living room sized space. And right in front of me, while they played was a...
  5. vox801


    2003 Brazilian Rosewood Limited. What a great sounding guitar and the neck! Wow! So easy to play. Black Cherry. Was refinished by PRS in 2015, so, except for the patina on the pickup covers and bridge. Looks brand new.
  6. vox801

    So I'm thinking of a 594, but have a ?

    I'm looking at two artist models, both the same specs, but one is copperhead and one is autumn sky. Hard to tell a huge difference in pics. Anyone have either color or both?
  7. vox801


    Just Amazing! Speechless at the moment! Best pickups ever!
  8. vox801

    This is probably very subjective, thoughts?

    I recently took advantage of Sweetwater's 36 month no interest deal and picked out a Paul's Guitar. Now, this is not a negative or PRS bashing post. I own 2 Custom 24's, a McCarty Hollowbody and Korina, and a Stripped 58.... I love each of them. Build quality, sound, etc.... For some reason I...
  9. vox801

    Coming soon...

    ...Stripped 58 Eriza Verde. GC blow out .... Couldn't pass up on the price! Coming from another store, hopefully it's in one piece. Should be here by Wednesday.
  10. vox801

    Need to make a choice...

    ... an all Korina McCarty with Brazilian Fretboard or Mahogany McCarty with P-90's.... any opinions?
  11. vox801

    New bridge on ZM

    Graph Tech Reso Max Really brings out the woody tone and gives it better sustain and string separation while playing chords...
  12. vox801

    NGD - Well a few days late!

    New SE Zach Myers... Changed out the pickups with TV Jones Classic Bridge and TV Jones Powertron neck. Painted pickup rings lime green... waiting on a graph tech bridge:
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    The Crew

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    The Crew
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    Coming Soon...

    NGD Coming Soon...
  16. vox801

    Looking at a PRS Hollowbody I ... Any feedback?

    Have my eyes on a PRS Hollowbody I (i believe)... Maple top, mahogany back and sides, archtop pickups... Anyone have one?
  17. vox801

    Anyone have a Santana MD?

    Like to know your thoughts.
  18. vox801

    Custom 24 or Santana MD? Toughts?

    I'm torn between the 2. Both have 24 frets. Custom has 59/09 pickups. Santana has master voicing control. Just looking for opinions.... Thanks!
  19. vox801

    9.5 Pounds of McCarty

  20. vox801

    Can I get advice/opinions on a 24 fret PRS please

    I currently own two 22 fret PRS guitars.... I would like to get a 24 fret model and would be very interested in hearing the forums thoughts ? I played a 2003 Custom 24 today and really liked the springy feel of the strings. it also had the rotary knob which I have no experience with. Thanks in...