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  1. ruger9

    Do you insure your gear? (not homeowner's, but dedicated gear insurance)

    Most of my gear, up until now, has been sub-$2000 per item. I recently started buying some bucket-list items, including a DGT. And for the first time, I am seriously considering purchasing insurance. A couple of questions (other than the poll question): Does homeowners usually cover gear as...
  2. ruger9

    Do you guys gig your $$$$$ PRSi?

    I'm loving my new DGT, everything I hoped it would be (it has been a bucket-list item for me for awhile now). It's PERFECT for my cover band, with the humbuckers AND Coil taps... but it was so expensive, and it's so gorgeous, I'm getting a little apprehensive about bringing it to a gig in a...
  3. ruger9

    new DGT... finish problem?

    Question... brand new DGT, 10 top. IDK what the finish is on these things... some kind of nitro-over-poly or what? I've had it about 6 weeks. I noticed today the clear coat seems to be peeling off right at the binding. It's not somewhere my arm rests, it's not somewhere anything even touches...
  4. ruger9

    NGD: DGT (I FINALLY made it to the dance!)

    I've never purchased a guitar that I had to do NOTHING to, out of the box. Well, I did loosen the truss rod a 1/4 turn, but that's it. She's everything I expected. Best coil splits I've heard (I have a tele and strat to compare). It cost a kidney, but I understand why these high-end PRSi bring...
  5. ruger9

    Robben Ford: which PRS is this? McCarty?

    Posted a video today on FB... is a dark reddish, double cut, only 2 knobs, I assume 1 volume/1 tone... just a hardtail McCarty?
  6. ruger9

    A couple of DGT questions?

    I'm looking to buy a DGT this year, but it'll have to be used. Sometimes sellers don't list a couple of things (and maybe don't even know), so... What year did the V12 start? (I read they are going back to Nitro for 2019... will ALL the 2019's be Nitro?) What year did the updated coil split...
  7. ruger9

    DGT pups: not punchy?

    Hey all, first post here, you may recognize my username from the other PRS forums... Anyway, I've got an SE SC here, that I have had DGT pups in, and wired like a DGT (except I have only 1 vol 1 tone), and while they have a very nice tone, they have always seemed a bit... soft/spongy to me...