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  1. gemyneye

    One more guitar? Which?

    Ok, so I actually might be able to squeeze on more guitar in to my collection. But I've been trying to figure out which. I have a 76 ES-335, CE22, CE24, 594 (SC solid and DC HB), silver sky, Fiore, Studio, CU24, and a baritone. I can't decide between Paul's guitar for the sonic quality, Brent...
  2. gemyneye

    Guitar display/stand or in case?

    Good day, Ok, so, I have struggled with this for a while. I have 2 acoustics (McPherson MG 3.5 and 1976 Martin D35S) that I keep in their cases ALL the time and only take them out when I play them, I make sure the hydration is right, although having to check on them is a bit of a pain and have...
  3. gemyneye

    My collection is complete

    My guitar collection is complete! These are my electrics: Studio, Custom 24, Fiore, CE-22, Silver Sky, 1976 Gibson ES-335, 277, McCarty 594 (SC) McCarty 594 (HB). And I will be playing all of them regularly. My acoustics (not shown), McPherson MG 3.5, and 1976 Martin D35S round it out. I'm all...
  4. gemyneye

    NGD! This Fiore is on fire!

    Oh, man, after being disappointed that I really didn't like Fender Tele's, I blindly bought this used baby and SO GLAD I did! This thing is awesome! The neck is different than most PRS guitars but after a few minutes, it just feels right. And it's a beaut!
  5. gemyneye

    String gauge drop. Complicated?

    Oh I’m know this question has been asked a lot and I read and thought about it for a few days now. I currently have with 10s Custom 24 594 SC 595 hollowbody 9s Silver sky CE 22 SE custom 24 I’m thinking about bringing them all to 9.5. The 10s almost have too much tension (I do bend a lot)...
  6. gemyneye

    Ok, so NGD! 2020 Hollowbody McCarty 594 10 top

    I dipped in to my savings for this one and it's worth it! I literally have one more guitar coming (being made at the factory), then I am done with my collection! 30 years in the making.
  7. gemyneye


    Ok, this popped up and had to get it and I had no idea what I was getting in to but got excited waiting for it and watching videos of Mark Lettieri. I have played it for a just a tiny bit and this thing is fun!!
  8. gemyneye

    Ok, so what next? To round out my collection. Suggestions?

    So, I am finally finishing off my collection. My goal is to write and record music, not necessarily for myself. Or even be a session player. I am working very hard and it's my 5 year plan. Currently, I have a 1976 Gibson ES-335, 1976 Martin D-35S, 2007 Godin xTSA, unlabeled Giannini Classical...
  9. gemyneye

    Add a photo

    Ok, so I am pretty good with computers, but I am trying to add a photo (or 4) to a conversation and not apparently "getting it". Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have tried searching for the answer and get way too many irrelevant results. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  10. gemyneye


    Hello, I just joined and wanted to say hello. I have played guitar on and off for the past 36 years (more off) and have gotten serious in the past 2 years. My first guitar ever was a black Fender Strat, which I traded up to an Ibanez, which I hocked when I needed money to help support me and my...