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    Album Demo

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    Video from Last Night's Gig

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    The Birds

    I just watched a video which pointed out the bird at the 24th fret of a Custom 24 is an owl. Right enough - it is!! Is there a guide to the different birds at each fret for the different models? How interesting!!
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    S2 satin 24 bridge

    Quick question.... is the bridge on this the same as that used on the USA models? Thanks!
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    PRS single-cuts (SC58, in particular)

    SC245, SC58... (any similar ones?)... what are the differences? I have the chance to get an SC58 (which I believe are no longer built ??) but I'm not sure - I was wanting to offload a guitar (not a PRS!) and either keep the money or (shock) try an LP. How does the SC58 compare to the LP (I know...
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    Satin mahogany neck

    So I know I love satin maple necks. Satin rosewood necks are cool but warmer sounding - my preference is for maple. I've never tried satin mahogany. Does it lie in between the two?
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    Oh dear....

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    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Long story short... I've been playing for 15+ years and I'm about 60% of the way through creating an album (all me other than bass and some drums by my bassist friend). I was going to take this piece, re-record and put it at the end, but didn't want to risk any legal action, so I'm sticking...
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    My Nick Jonas Attempt

    Surely you guys have seen the Nick Jonas videos... I had to have a go... Sorry for the lack of PRS in this one! All light-hearted fun :)
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    Has anybody tried the fatback models? I'm looking at this: Twice as loud? More depth?
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    Can't be beat

    This is a bit of a waffly post... Just about how much I love PRS! After 15 years of playing and hitting my 30th birthday, and after having only played cheap guitars, I thought I'd treat myself since I also joined a band and had a terrible first audition (still got accepted!) whereby my Ibanez...
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    Differences between 408 & Paul's Guitar...?

    So.......what are the differences?
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    New pick-up day! I swapped the covered 59/09s in my violet guitar with a set of uncovered 85/15s I managed to buy. The 59/09s were great but a tad muffled to my ears (which I attribute to the covers). Also a tad too hot for me. I never got the same quack out of the split sounds as I do with my...
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    Dented my guitar last night

    I don't have straplocks so always keep one hand on the guitar.... went to open the case to get something out with the other hand and as it close, it came down on my orange PRS' top! Nothing major at all, just two small indentations on the top, still gutted though lol. At the same time, I'm never...
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    Guita shop trip today

    OK so my orange PRS has an intermittent fault. Sound dies when neck-mid is selected. We suspect it's one coil of the bridge humbucker being shorted out, so it's on for inspection :( So, worst week ever. Arguments with girlfriend, work is stressful, worst band rehearsal yet, new singer decided...
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    What pickup do you use in your acoustic?

    I've been looking at LR Baggs M1, M80, Lyric.... what about you guys?
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    Studio Session

    My band recently recorded two tracks in a studio in order to try and get some gigs. Comments welcome!
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    PRS Glow (post yours?)

    Been looking at some guitars on the World Guitars (UK) website and really loving the "Glow" PRS.... Tonnes of images if you google images "PRS glow" - do they look as good "in person"? Anybody got one?
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    Suhr (or other) pups in your PRS

    I'm fast becoming a Suhr pups convert. Anybody got them in their PRS?
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    My First "Proper" YouTube Video: 57/08 vs 59/09 Pickups

    Just demoing the pups on my PRS - really just an exercise in using the video editing software, getting my logo & intros sorted etc. I was going to go through Toneport but not for a pup test (and ok, I know not best through valve emulation!). Lightworks only seems to upload to YouTube at 720p...