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    Locking tuners for SE

    Got my new SE Custom 24 recently. I really like it but expected it to stay in tune better based on reviews. I’ve got maybe 20 hours on it. So I guess I’ll get the the locking tuners when I have it set up. Also thinking about 9.5 strings to replace the 9s. Recommend the PRS tuners vs other brand...
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    Is SE 24 playing position (fret hand) more away from your body than a 22 fret model?

    I’ve been looking at my first PRS to add to my Epi/Gibson/Gretsch guitars. Doing research, I‘m after a distinctive look, easy playability, wide/thin neck. So I’m close to pulling the trigger on an SE 24-08 in translucent blue. I have a bit of arthritis and on most guitars my hand doesn’t stretch...