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  1. InTooDeep

    PRS Wiring Mods Resource Thread

    I just got around to installing a freeway switch in my CE24 with a Duncan neck and PRS bridge pickup. I really like having the options on the switch instead of the push/pull. The 3x3 03 switch is pretty solid feeling as well. I wound up using some excess wire to solder 1.5-2 inch leads coming...
  2. InTooDeep

    Neck heavy solution?

    If its an issue while standing, you could add weight to the back/bottom side of the guitar strap. You dont have to modify the guitar at all.
  3. InTooDeep

    Last Minute Advice Needed CE24 Semi Or...?

    Nice! I have a 90's CE24 and I love it!
  4. InTooDeep

    Last Minute Advice Needed CE24 Semi Or...?

    Hmm, going to be tough to get the 594 neck sound on a 24 fret guitar since the neck pickup is in a different spot. Have you checked out the older swamp ash specials? 22 fret, bolt on maple neck, H/S/H setup.
  5. InTooDeep

    Re-coating Question Here's a thread where a guy stripped down his guitar and refinished it.
  6. InTooDeep

    Trouble desoldering an SE

    I did my first pickup swaps with a cheap 30 watt iron from radio shack. I found that the key when working on some of the factory solder joints is to oddly enough add solder to the joint first if tinning the tip isn't enough. I found it transfers the heat well and will get the old stuff melted. I...
  7. InTooDeep

    Graph Tech Ghost install without permanent holes?

    I emailed Graph Tech, and they say its entirely doable to not drill out the bridge. I imagine it may look a bit odd, having the wires visible for that run from the bridge to the pickup, but I guess we'll see.
  8. InTooDeep

    Graph Tech Ghost install without permanent holes?

    I am thinking of installing ghost Piezo saddles on my 90's CE 24 with a Mann bridge. I really don't want to drill through the bridge and I'm wondering if I can either run the wires over the front of the vibrato and into the cavity, or slot the underside of the bridge pickup ring and run the...
  9. InTooDeep

    Looking for pickup Suggestions for a 594

    my current thinking is that lower output pickups tend to have more clarity and character and they can be boosted for more output, for that tighter higher gain stuff. This isn't based on tons of pickup swaps over many guitars, so take it with a grain of salt! I went from HFS to JB to Tremonti to...
  10. InTooDeep

    Help-Tremonti 10 Top (Faded Whale Blue)-What Would You Do?

    I could see trying to haggle if you ordered it, but you bought it in person. You could see/feel any flaws. I think the guitar looks pretty sweet! but there's a pretty good return policy if you don't care for it anymore!
  11. InTooDeep

    Tremonti interview - Talks about the MT100

    “So it’s going to be a three-channel amp and each of the three channels are going to be completely separate from one another. There’s not going to be anything that goes in-between them. It’s going to be awesome and I’m just waiting until it’s 100%. We’re three quarters of the way there." “The...
  12. InTooDeep

    Ce24 replacement pickups

    I will also add, I was not too impressed with the Tremonti Bass, although I only tried it in my Tremonti SE. It can not be coil split, and sounded fairly plain.
  13. InTooDeep

    Ce24 replacement pickups

    While my 1996 is mahogany bodied, it will share most tonal characteristics. I did not care for the HFS. I put a Duncan JB and Alnico Pro II in. I liked the sound especially of the Alnico Pro II. I had a Tremonti bridge hanging around that I swapped in, but it was a bit too scooped sounding with...
  14. InTooDeep

    Fractal FM9...Now a Regular Aspect of My Home

    I think the over retail prices are there because there is a market for it. There are people outside the USA where even at $200 more plus shipping is cheaper than their local dealer, or they may not have a fractal dealer in their country. I wouldn't sell below the going rate unless it was to a...
  15. InTooDeep

    Fractal FM9...Now a Regular Aspect of My Home

    im still undecided. Leaning towards keeping the FM3. But I did get on the waitlist at 1:37pm so hopefully if I change my mind ill be ready. I got on the FM3 waitlist and sold my boogie amp, and was without a quality amp for about 9 months which was pretty lame. I'm not selling the FM3 (if I ever...
  16. InTooDeep

    Best approach to stripping off poly clear coat of CE24 and other questions

    I did a wipe on satin poly on a bass I refinished. I liked it, but I don't play it much, so I can't speak to it's durability. But it was super easy!
  17. InTooDeep

    Headstocks…show ‘em!

    My CE24 with my home made truss rod cover. Definitely not professional, but I wanted my own design.
  18. InTooDeep

    Best approach to stripping off poly clear coat of CE24 and other questions

    Thanks for sharing your journey in this, its been pretty cool to read all the info here!
  19. InTooDeep

    What amp are you running your SE HB through ... and why?

    I know I'm not qualified to answer this as I don't currently have a hollowbody, but you may want to look into a modeler. Many have 2 inputs. You can route the piezo directly with maybe an EQ or compression, and route the magnetics through an amp and effects
  20. InTooDeep

    Latest Project

    Very cool build! I do have a concern though, at least if this were where I live in South Florida, having the wood floor over bare ground would wind up with the wood rotting out in a couple of years. But we have a lot of moisture here. as for HVAC, I would probably go with a mini-split system...