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    I just took delivery of a brand new HBII and am COMPLETELY blown away!!! SICK top, the usual phenomenal PRS workmanship, and get this... a total weight of 4 LBS 13 OUNCES!!! It feels like a helium balloon!! Lol!! But what has me stoked the most is the freaking TONE! I played ONE chord and...
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    Cu22 semi-hollow LTD vs Special 22 semi hollow

    Hey guys, hope all is well with everyone! Looks like it's time for a new PRS! A question though. I have an old Cu 22 semi hollow LTD I bought from Brent Moss at the guitar shop years ago. It's one of the finest instruments I have ever owned, and the tones are off the hook! So I am...
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    Anyone know what the PS wait is right now??

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    Seriously craving a PS Archtop.

    Again. Big league. A big, beautiful new original spec archtop with all the trimmings and then some. That's all........ For now. :)
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    KILLER 594 Artist pack alert!!!

    How I dragged myself out today without buying this guitar, I have no idea. STUNNING, light weight, one piece top 594 that played and sounded AMAZING. There were a lot of Gibson and Fender CS guitars there of every kind. Absolute top notch LPs, 335s Strats, Teles.....this thing had more...
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    McCarty HB vs HB2 vs 594 HB

    Huge favor wanted, I would gladly do it for you! Does anyone own all 3 of these, or even 2 of the 3?? Could you PLEASE make a simple acoustic clip of them side by side, just strumming some chords and 20 or so seconds of some single note stuff? I really need to hear the difference side by...
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    Jump into the red sea!

    :p ;) :)
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    Original McCarty archtop. 594 version. Want.

    I remember a few guys on here had the original archtops. The one that was like the hollowbodys but an inch thicker I think. Like them? More than a HB?? I would like my next PS to be that one I think, but possibly in a 594 version. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for help with this hard to...
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    I just sold a stunning 594 wood library and 2 amazing 594 LTDs for a 594 PS. Was it worth it??

    HELL yea!! :D:D:D Now I am going to figure out a way to get another one!! VERY, VERY GOOD!!
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    Hollowbody 594: Core model??

    They need to do this. Such a great model and it seems lots of people are interested, and most importantly it sounds SO good! The big neck, the ease of the scale length. Im in love. :D I finally got around to doing a clip for anyone who wants to hear my sound. This one is with overdrive...
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    NGD private stock HB 594 2018 LTD

    :):):):) How does it sound?? Oh yes. It sounds. ;)
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    Who has a 2018 HB 594 LTD?? Tone report please!

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    Had a chance to put my 594s side by side with some top vintage guitars today!

    They did OK. ;) IMO, these may very well be the finest guitars ever made. There is not a HINT of harshness to them, and they more than held their own next to some 50s Gibsons and Fenders, as well as an onslaught of Custom shop guitars. To have this much clarity and presence in a humbucker...
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    594 SC semi hollow 58/15 LTs through Fender Blues jr FUNK

    Sounds amazing!! WOODY tones! The easiest guitar to get killer clean tones I have ever owned! FUNK IT! WHAT a guitar!!!
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    Do all 10 tops have a 10 on the heastock or say so in the paperwork??

    Are there exceptions? What if the guitar was bought at the Prs experience??? Any difference? What is the upcharge for a 10 top?? Thanks guys!
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    ZIRICOTE VS Brazilian neck tonal differences??

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    Ps still doing Brazilian necks??

    Anyone know?? Seriously considering doing a PS HB 594. Thanks!
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    Prs 594 sc Semihollow Yes!

    My DC Semi hollow is the best sounding guitar I have. Had to give this a shot. Stunning. Click link for Pic, they will not post here. [/IMG]
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    594 DC semi hollow vs Cu22 semi hollow. Its the body depth and thinner top!!

    I was wondering why my 594 semi hollow sounded better and more acoustic (hollow) than my beloved old cu 22 semi hollow ltd. So I did a little poking and probing. :D I did not realise the 594 has a deeper body, (Very good!) but what is really cool is the top is carved much thinner! EXCELLENT...
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    Tomorrow!!! NGD!

    Nothing like a PRS new guitar day!! 594 SEMIHOLLOW LTD. I found one with a great top, in my favorite color, and best of all, 6.5 lbs!! Same weight as my cu22 ltd semi hollow that rings like a bell. Very, Very Good!! Share Download original image...