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  1. vashondan

    Vela - What string Gauge?

    I have 9's on everything else but will spend some time with the 10's. At least until they need changing. So far no complaints.
  2. vashondan

    Vela - What string Gauge?

    Seems like mine came with 10's. What are you other Vela fellas using?
  3. vashondan

    Show Me Your S2 Guitars

    All beautiful guitars. Recently got a Vela and Love it. Corey, that black is gorgeous.
  4. vashondan

    Another NGD...back to back in Grey and Black...

    That is one beautiful guitar. Enjoy!
  5. vashondan

    S2 Sub Par Parts?

    I second this emotion! Love mine too
  6. vashondan

    NGD x2

    Double you pleasure! Nice, Nice. Enjoy
  7. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    Well, it could be short for consume fats! The Vela seems to like being played hard!
  8. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    Hasn't been out of my hands since I got her. It's a whole different sound for me so we're taking some time to get to know one another. That'd different as in good different. The lightness is dream. Size wise it reminds me of a Taylor Grand Concert I once had. The size of that guitar made it...
  9. vashondan

    NGD!! Got my S2 last night!

    That is one sweet looking guitar.
  10. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    '][/URL] That link button above worked.
  11. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

  12. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    Ok, having trouble with uploading from photo bucket. No patience left. Will try again in the morning
  13. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    sorry. don't know how to post pics here
  14. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    Couldn't figure out how to post pics so....Apologies for the cross pollination.
  15. vashondan

    PRS Cases

    Corey, what model is that guitar? Geez, I'm in love a day after getting my Vela.
  16. vashondan

    Mira S2 Satin

    Very nice. Congrats on your new baby. That Satin is growing on me.
  17. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    e I got the McCarty Burst. Really nice. I did hear some Tele last night while fiddling with it. Trouble is I was sipping bourbon while fiddling. Woke up this morning with an aching in my head. Pics after my 4th cup o coffee. Thanks all for the well wishes.
  18. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    Will definitely post pics tomorrow.
  19. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    Got it an hour ago but haven't had but a few minutes to play around with it. It sure is a beaut though. Love the style and playability. Love both pickups the neck perhaps a little more. It does seem like it can cover a lot of styles as well. Seems like it came with 10's on it? Any of you...
  20. vashondan

    Hard Case for Vela?

    So I'm sure you know Vashon well then. Got the Vela today and tried it in the generic I bought for the SE and it fits nicely. I think for now its going to live in that generic, the se is going in one of my strat cases and the MIM strat will live it a gig bag. I'm not going to buy anything...