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  1. Paul L

    PRS Factory from 30000 feet

    Flying home to Philly from New Orleans yesterday, I just happened to look out the window at precisely the right time to capture this image of Kent Island. The blue arrow points to the factory location.
  2. Paul L

    Recommend a molded case for a 2003 McCarty?

    I just bought a 2003 McCarty and was wondering if anyone could recommend a molded hard shell case for it. The guitar does come with the OHSC, but I prefer smaller, lighter molded cases. Anything by SKB, Gator, etc. would be fine as long as it's a good fit. Thanks! P.S. Will post pics of the...
  3. Paul L

    What is this finish called?

    I just bought this 2007 Santana III and was hoping someone could tell me what this finish is called. Thanks!
  4. Paul L

    NGD: DC 22

    Bought one of these from MF. Great guitar, even without the bling. Considerably lighter and more ergonomic than a LP, but just as toneful. 7lb 4oz.
  5. Paul L

    NAD: Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36

    In my ongoing quest to lighten the load, in every sense of the word, I have parted with a few dear old friends in favor of lighter, more portable amps. The Tubemeister 36 head and 2-12" cab arrived today, and all I can say is WOW! This is a compact but very potent setup, and with the power...
  6. Paul L

    Strange behavior from tone knob

    I have a 2010 Cu22 Soapy that I bought new a few months ago. Great guitar and I love everything about it. However, I noticed a strange anomaly with the tone control. When the bridge pickup is on by itself, as I roll back the tone knob the volume decreases significantly (along with the high...
  7. Paul L

    NAD: Vox AC15C1

    Been wanting one of these for a while (actually, my first Vox amp). Love the tone and the range of sounds you can get from it. I traded in some gear that was collecting dust and walked out with a brand new one in the box, after playing the floor model for half an hour. I can already tell I'm...
  8. Paul L

    Custom 22 vs. McCarty

    If you had one of each side by side, both stoptails and with 57/08s, do you think there would be much difference in tone and/or playability? The McCarty would have a slightly thicker body (1/8" I think) and a slightly thinner headstock with vintage tuners. The reason I ask is that I'm looking...
  9. Paul L

    Ebony knobs for Phase II tuners?

    Does anyone have a set they want to sell, or know where I can get them? The PRS Store only carries PIII ebony knobs. If you have a set you don't need, I'd be happy to take 'em off your hands. Thanks!
  10. Paul L

    Jimi with a PRS!

    Not sure where or when I grabbed this pic, and apologies if it's already been posted here, but those who haven't seen it may find it amusing (good Photoshop work, whoever created it)...
  11. Paul L

    I just won a Pedal Palette!

    I enter these contests all of the time, never expecting to win anything. A very nice lady from Decibel 11 just called me to tell me the good news, and to get my shipping address. They already posted the announcement on their Facebook page. Way cool!
  12. Paul L

    Has anyone replaced their P90s with Mini-humbuckers?

    Title says it all. I'm thinking about picking up another PRS (McCarty or CU22 Soapy) and, just for kicks, swapping out the P90s with Gibson mini-humbuckers. Has anyone done this successfully? Anything I need to know or watch out for? BTW, I love P90s but already own two guitars equipped with...
  13. Paul L

    NGD (belated): Custom 22 Soapbar

    I actually picked this up a couple of months ago, but am just getting around to joining the new forum (I used to be a BaMmer). Bought this as a NOS from's one of the Limited models (150) that PRS built in 2010. Also my first new PRS in a long time, not to mention my only PRS at...