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    Is it crazy that my SE feels so much like a Core?

    So a few months back I went to a local PRS dealer and wanted to play some American PRS guitars and I played a Silver Sky and that neck was just way too chunky and baseball bat feeling for me. I then played a 35th anniversary Custom 24 Core model and it felt so much like how my SE Custom 24...
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    RIP Alexi Laiho

    Never really listened to COB but I respected him as a guitarist, he died at 41 suddenly in Sweden
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    Hopes for releases this year?

    I'm hoping for something new in the SE line, maybe a SE 408 or an eagle or a solid body piezo or even a 12 string! I would love CE specs on a SE, or even an SE Silver Sky
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    Finally got a nice hard shell PRS case!

    I was looking for a nice PRS hard shell case and I was looking into a paisley but 350 bucks is a bit much for a case. Even though they look so sleek and snazzy, I was gifted a nice (heavy) black PRS case! I slapped my big PRS sticker on it and can now take my SE places with me or ship it with...
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    Wow, the PRS Calendar, just WOW

    There are TWO guitars I have actually seen up close and was at the actual release event for it! (May 2021 and Jan 2022 chessie fade) and just wow!
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    Real excited for the 2021 Launch Party

    I am so excited for whats to come next year!! I'm banking on either a new line or at least an SE bolt on, either a Silver Sky or CE. We practically have everything for SE accept a bolt on version!! Excited for possible new amp releases (most likely a prediction for a MT50 or MT100) and maybe new...
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    What do you think PRS uses as an "experimental line" for guitars?

    I personally think they use the S2 as a line they can experiment with and make new body shapes but not put it on the main core line. The SE line kind of does that but I don't know. Thoughts?
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    Apprehensive on buying a tube amp

    I'm considering little things like an orange micro dark terror to a fender Super Champ X2 to the MT15 and my cap is about 1000 dollars. I'm digging the X2 but no mids control, couldn't I just get an EQ pedal and give it mids? I'm worried that I'll buy an amp, get it home and hate it.
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    Debating another PRS for the future

    So I already have an SE Custom 24 (spalted maple with vintage sunburst) and I love it to bits. Yet G.A.S. (gear acquisition system) makes me want to buy another. I could spring for an S2 as my next guitar, but I want a 7 string. I really don't have the money to buy another guitar and I don't...
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    Still bummed out about experience 35

    I mean this was going to be my first ever PRS experience event and to be there for the 35th anniversary would've been so fun. I joined the signature club and everything! Granted I did that back in January before Covid. I'm even more bummed out since I wanted to try and get an internship there...
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    PRS Christmas card!

    PRS Christmas card
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    You even djent bro? I made this abomination!
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    Can I get the 21 rules of tone?

    I would like to have them and see how they affect my guitar building. Is there a PDF or a write up about it?
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    How do I get to PRS in 3 years?

    In 3 years, I am eligible to be of the minimum working age for working at PRS guitars in Stevensville Maryland, which is 18 years old, with a high school degree and a year of wood working experience. I am 15 years old and I am a sophomore in high school. I live 45 minutes away, Annapolis side of...
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    Some momentary PRS appreciation

    What my PRS has done for me, wow...... where to begin!? I met Paul last year in September at a release event for 6 private stocks and he was such a great guy. The factory tour a month before was what sparked my interest in luthiery. I then got an SE Custom 24 for Christmas and that's what truly...
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    I got some wood for a guitar!

    So I decided to bite the bullet and I got some wood to build a guitar neck! I got White Limba for the neck and Honduran Rosewood for the fingerboard. The wood shop smelled so nice and there were stacks upon stacks of so many different woods! There were stacks of Ebony, all the types of rosewood...
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    I got my PRS back!!!

    So thank God that it's back, they had to switch a faulty switch and it's under a life time warranty so thats fun. It sound's great and everything is back to normal. I even got a free sticker out of it! There were also a few PS that the store had ordered, one with a zricote top and that was about...
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    What are your projects currently?

    I am building two guitars right now, a kit and refretting and refinishing my squire strat. My next big project would be constructing a neck.
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    What are the best ways to build guitars?

    Hey y'all, I am wanting to get into building guitars but I am having an issue going the normal handmade route or CNC route. I as a 15 year old don't have the type of money for a standard CNC machine, but I would like a small one if I wanted too. Most guitars these days are built via CNC...
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    First setup for working on guitars!!

    So its not the best but I have all that I need. Protective N95 masks, sandpaper, screw drivers, painters tape, hammers and so much more!! link to pictures: