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  1. pauloqs

    594 appreciation thread

    Okay, so my gateway drug to PRS was a Ted McCarty. Three years later I got a DC 594. At first, I preferred the neck on the Ted McCarty. As I got used to the neck on the 594 I would like it even more. Sound-wise it is my favorite PRS. There is this very pleasing mid-range that is present even...
  2. pauloqs

    SE Factory Tour

    Pretty cool video.
  3. pauloqs

    Interesting Core vs PS DC 594 video

    I just came across this video and thought it was interesting. "Similar" types of wood. I don't know how similarly the pickup heights were set. However, I can definitely hear the difference with headphones. It could be the age of the trees that generated the wood, the nitro finish, maybe the...
  4. pauloqs

    CU24, SC594, DC594 & DGT Video Comparison

    Just came across the video and thought it could be helpful to people thinking about one of these Core PRSi. Great playing and all 4 guitars sound amazing.
  5. pauloqs

    Pattern Neck Dimensions - Caliper to the Rescue

    According to this article from the PRS support page the depth of the Pattern neck profile is 28/32", while the Pattern regular is 27/32". However the was a picture that was being shared around that stated the depth of the Pattern neck was...
  6. pauloqs

    Wood quality on Core guitars

    Besides the amazing wood drying process on PRS guitars and outstanding craftsmanship, another characteristic that I don’t see advertised as much is the wood grade used in Core guitars. I believe PRS use a lower density mahogany for their core guitars, like you find in the Custom Shop of other...
  7. pauloqs

    What's your favorite PRS neck profile?

    Personally, right now I rank them as follow Pattern Pattern Vintage Pattern Regular Pattern Thin The more I play Pattern Vintage, the more I like it, yet I don't know if time will make me like it even more than the Pattern.
  8. pauloqs

    New wiring day: 5-way rotary to McCarty switching.

    I rewired my CU22 with 5-way rotary to a 3-way toggle with push/pull tone pot, McCarty switching style. I’m super happy with the results. Much easier than I expected. Also, thank you @gush for the clarification regarding the grounding of the pickups not displayed in the wiring diagrams. Here’s...
  9. pauloqs

    Edit: 594 NGD has arrived. Awesome unexpected color

    My PS plans were foiled. Between Dave’s soapbar 594 post, Les’s explanation on maple vs mahogany necks, and this thing being blue, I caved in and will soon become part of the 594 club. It’s listed as slate blue, but I’ve never seen a slate blue this blue before. It has a maple SATIN neck and...
  10. pauloqs

    NGD: S2 Silglecut Semi-Hollow

    7 lbs 6.7 oz of awesomeness. Had to raise the action on the low side just a hair. Also the nut had a bit of a sharp edge, but that took me less than a minute to address giving it a more played in feel. First time I experienced this with a US made PRS. However, if any of you encounter this, I...
  11. pauloqs

    5 way Rotary to McCarty with push pull conversion

    I have a 2008 Custom 22 loaded with Dragon II. It has the 5-way rotary switch. I've been thinking of changing it to the McCarty wiring with a push-pull tone pot for coil tapping/splitting. I think the current wiring I have follows this diagram...
  12. pauloqs

    2x NGD: Custom 22 & S2 Mira

    Hard tail 2008 Custom 22 made in 2009 in royal blue with a Wide Thin neck, moon inlays and dragon II pickups. Super light weighing 7 lbs 1.3 oz. The finish has most certainly faded over time. I thing the original owner kept it on a stand instead of its case or gig bag. Plays great. Tuners are a...
  13. pauloqs

    NGD Custom 24-08

    Thank you for helping make a decision. I was torn between a CE24 and a Custom 24-08. Then as I was browsing Reverb saw this one, a new 2018 model of the Custom 24-08 going for $2,600.00. It’s a regular figure top in Aquamarine. The photos don’t do a good job capturing the actual color. In...
  14. pauloqs

    Thoughts on the S2 Mira & S2 SC Semi-Hollow

    Please share your thoughts on the S2 Mira (solid & semi-hollow) and/or S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow. What are things you like or dislike about these models? How would you describe the sound and ergonomics of these guitars? They seem like very different models and have very distinct sonic qualities...
  15. pauloqs

    Core neck profiles

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like among the Core models currently in regular production, only the Custom 24 and the Tremoti are available with pattern thin necks. What I've found was that Custom 24 (including 24 Piezo & 24-08): Pattern Regular or Pattern Thin Custom 24 Floyd: Pattern...
  16. pauloqs

    CE24 vs Custom 24-08 Help

    hi, I’ve owned 2 CE24 which I ended up returning. I believe I was unlucky with my previous two CE24s. The guitars felt absolutely amazing and sounded amazing, but had a few issues that I do not believe is the norm with these guitars. I’m willing to give it another go with the CE24. However, I’m...