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  1. greatrankini


    Had to trade out my 2011 Custom 24 for this 2016 CE. I'll miss the old guy (who I only had for a couple months), but this new guy is a beauty. Photos linked below.
  2. greatrankini

    Idiosyncratic question about back of SE head stocks

    Why does PRS put a long sentence on the back of the SE head stocks announcing that they were made in Indonesia under license of PRS? I know it's silly, but it's unsightly and a turn-off for me. Fenders made in Mexico simply have a serial number that corresponds to Mexican-made guitars and (as...
  3. greatrankini

    New (to me) 2011 Custom 24 arrived! What kind of birds are these?

    My 2011 Custom 24 arrived! Love it! Thanks to everyone for the advice and to the person who posted the link for me! One question - what kind of birds are these? I was expecting the seashell-looking materials. These are more of a pewter look with white trim. Never seen these before. Pics linked...
  4. greatrankini

    PRS Newbie needs advice - SE 24 vs. CE 24 vs. Custom 24

    I think I already know my answer, but any advice appreciated. I plan on buying my first PRS this year. I am not a professional touring musician - just play for fun and still very much learning. I'm torn on which PRS to buy and here are my options: 1. Buy a new SE 24 now. 2. Buy a new CE 24...
  5. greatrankini

    Anyone know what color this is? The guitar being wiped down on the front page of the Core guitars page. Doesn't seem to match any of the regular colors available in these models. Maybe it's one of the "artist" colors? Thank you!