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  1. vashondan

    Vela - What string Gauge?

    Seems like mine came with 10's. What are you other Vela fellas using?
  2. vashondan

    NGD - Vela

    Got it an hour ago but haven't had but a few minutes to play around with it. It sure is a beaut though. Love the style and playability. Love both pickups the neck perhaps a little more. It does seem like it can cover a lot of styles as well. Seems like it came with 10's on it? Any of you...
  3. vashondan

    Hard Case for Vela?

    I'm getting my Vela on Wednesday and realized that I forgot to order a case. Went to Sweetwater and was going to order the generic case for a double cut electric then wondered if there was anything about the shape of the guitar that was different enough to make it not work. If you have a...
  4. vashondan

    To Buy or Not to Buy

    I've been ruminating about buying a Vela for a while now and need to make a decision so that I can rest my weary mind. So, to buy, or not to buy? Help a guy make a decision!:confused:
  5. vashondan

    SE C22 Semi v Vela

    Planning my next GAS attack and trying to decide between these two. I have two Strats and a SE 24 30th Anniversary that I love. Want something a little different which, in part, why these two stand out for me. I'm working on blues mostly but plan to venture into other genre's at some point...
  6. vashondan

    SE v S2 Semi hollows

    Looking ahead to buying one or the other in the not too distant future. Any thoughts from those that own either or both? I bought my first PRS not too long ago (an SE 30th). Love it but did switch out the pickups. Hard to imagine the S2 being that much better but then I've never owned or...
  7. vashondan


    I recently purchased an SE 30th Anniversary which I love. Great to play, feels good...I'm changing pickups and installing some Railhammers. My question involves the future. When I look into the crystal ball I see another PRS in my future and would like it to be a step up but can't afford...
  8. vashondan


    Does anyone know if the SE 24 30th anniversary model has a 270pf treble bleed cap on the volume pot?
  9. vashondan

    500 or 250k pots?

    I haven't been able to locate the specs for this. Which is it in the SE 24? Thanks.
  10. vashondan

    Pots Pot Pots

    Hi, do the SE24 30t anniversary guitars use 250 or 500k pots?
  11. vashondan

    Pickup Talk is Driving me Crazy!!!

    I've read a number of threads about pickups and SE 24s and my head is spinning. The stock pickups in the SE seem very hot to me. I've lowered the pickups, messed with the tone pot etc etc and with the volume knob on 3 it's blasting out of the amp (both a Mustang III and a Carvin Nomad). The...
  12. vashondan

    What are the Differences with 24 Frets

    Just got my first PRS 24 and hadn't given much thought to what the impact of 24 frets is on tone, strings etc. What do I need to know? Thanks!
  13. vashondan

    SE 24 30th Anniversary PUPs

    Just ordered my first PRS. Excited about seeing the Fedex truck come on Friday. What is your experience with the stock pups and what replacements have you guys tried and liked? btw, hello all!