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    PRS in medical breakthrough

    I'm not sure it this is old news but I found this on Reverb. Guitar maker Paul Reed Smith has launched startup Digital Harmonic, which has developed technology designed to deliver sharper X-rays to medical professionals, as well as reduce radiation. The technology, resulting from the...
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    NGD - he did what?

    I've always wanted to learn how to install my own floyds without the help of luthiers. True it would have been a good idea to pay a professional do it but seeing that it was a bit expensive and I really, really wanted to learn how to do it myself. So I taped it up, took all the measurements and...
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    PRS tool dilemma..

    How do you use this? It's not working so great..:rolleyes: mby it's on backwards :oops:
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    Fulltone wah question

    I have had every gen of the Fulltone wah and I seem to like the first gen original. I'm not sure exactly what it is but it seems to be fuller and doesn't mush up when playing low notes. I guess I should add that I don't really play leads with it but more like Alice in Chains - man in the box/...
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    =c= any info?

    Hey what do you guys think about SED wing =c= tubes? I have some in my Friedman BE100 (Marshall style amp) and I really like them. That amp as hairy as it gets in my opinion sounds the best in low to mid gain. I get some amazing ACDC tones and has a great option to boost strat like/ coiltap...
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    My new 59/09 pickups

    Hey guys! So I've been wanting to change my pickups in my custom 24 for a wile now, to see what else is out there. Got my 59/09 pickups in today, covered with brushed nickel. I got so excited I wasted no time installing them. I also polished the guitar and changed the strings, though it took...
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    89 cu24 help

    Can some one verify serial number 9 6744 is this an 89 Vintage yellow w/sweet switch I might be throwing down as we speak, need help asap
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    Pickup info / Artist pre 59/09

    Hey guys! Was wondering if any one could shed some light or mby a little info on these pickups. This is what the seller said in his ad: These are the precursor to the PRS 59/09 pickups which came out in 2009. They are described as "articulate while providing rich harmonic overtones. With a...
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    Vintage Ev12L - the diamond of speakers

    Just picked up another vintage Electro Voice Ev12L locally. Found it on Craigslist, thought the price was great, so I called the guy up and schedule a pickup time. The guy calls me back and says he had an emergency and left to the hospital, no pickup. I thought he might have sold it and was...
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    Dragon 1 vs Vintage Treble

    Hey guys I was wondering if any one could share their experiences with the Dragon1 and vintage treble/bass pickups. I've never played these pickups but I'm very interested and would like to make a future perches once some pop on the used market. Any details would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Wiring pickup question

    Hey guys , I'm wiring a 2 pickup 1 vol (coiltap) 1 tone (phase) and a 3 way switch configuration. But I ran into a problem when I found out the two prs pickups are different and have different wires and colors. Bridge pickup is a new Tremonti and the neck is some old pickup, mby a bass or...
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    NGD 88 ce24

    Hey guys! So I finally picked up my 1988 CE24. It was two hours away, but I finally found some time to drive out and pick it up. What do I know about it? Well with the help of some friends from this forum I found out this is a 1988 #46, crazy. The guitar is a white pearlescent, and very beat up...
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    Ce24 replacement pickups

    Hey guys ! I'm getting a used CE 1990 and was just wondering if anyone here on the forum has any experience with replacing pickups on the CE 24. I was mby considering some 59/09 or mby a 57/08. Definitely not keeping the hfs in it, I think most of us can agree they tend to be a little harsh in...
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    charcoal Burst Tremonti video

    Hey guys! Thought I'd post another video for the Tremonti fans out there. This video is more ACDC inspired, hard hitting and more raw. I'm still using my new HTC One M9 phone. Hope you enjoy!
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    How do you stay creative?

    Hey guys! Woke up today around 9am, first day of night shift, going to work in the pm. Went jogging, came home and started playing guitar. I noticed that I'm most creative in the afternoon, after a work out and breakfast. A few hours later I had to leave for work but was not ready to drop the...
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    Gold Top Tremonti Video

    Hey, I wasn't exactly sure where to post video. I got a new phone and I was trying out the camera. This is a video of me playing one of the solos from a song that I wrote for my band. I'm using a Splawn Quick Rod amp at bedroom volume, my music room has wooden floors and it echoes. Also to add...
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    1988 ce24 help

    Hey guys trying to step it up and buy an 88 CE24, more of a somewhat project guitar. This guitar is not in the best condition. Anyhow I don't know to much about the old ones and have never played one. My question is, when did they start /stop using the old "Electric Guitar" logo? Is this...
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    Whos buying lottery?

    Well... I did. Just twice. I'm actually surprised no one has brought it up yet. It's up so high I just don't know what to say, I mean if never won the lottery, so I don't know how much money is too much money. Well it will be interesting to see who wins and how much will they win. I think...
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    NAD - Archon 1oo watt

    Hey dudes! Yes finally here and not a moment to soon. I'm gonna say it! I love this amp saturation, for leads especially. Iv only played it for 2 hours but I'm liking it alot. I'm very surprised how clean the clean channel is. Gotta go back play some Neal Schon! Good job prs!
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    sleeping on the couch, waiting for Tremonti.

    I'm sleeping on the couch tonight! It's gonna suck but I always miss the ups guy when he comes around. Not tmrw. I'm looking forward to getting my gold top Tremonti, and I'll be looking forward to jamming as soon as my alarm clock goes off (ups guy) aka short shorts.. Wish me the best!