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    Archon LTD instock!

    If only I'd waited. Just a few months off. Oh well, it's been a fun couple of months!
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    Wound G, With My S2 Mira's Stop Bar?

    I'm wanting to bump to 11's, and I'm inexperienced with my Mira's nonadgustable stop bar. Should I be ordering PRS standard 11's, with the wound G, or their DGT's, with the plain G? I already have 3 sets of standards on the way, before I realized that set had the wound G. If they'll be O.K...
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    Show your pedal boards here!

    Couple of firsts, at once here. First time, trying to post pics, here. Also my first pedalboard, just got done putting it together, last night.
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    NGD + First PRS Guitar

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    I think I'm cursed (Archon 25)...

    Just picked this up, on the big A, after reading this. Been meaning to, ever since my own Archon 25 showed up. Thanks for the link!
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    PRS S2 Singlecut Standard

    A week or two ago, I was puttering around the PRS site, and found different colors of pick guard, for my Mira. If I remember, correctly, there was white and tortuous shell. Perhaps they have the same, for the single cut. I didn't look. Pretty sure it was in the parts area of the store.
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone! Newer-than-new PRS owner, here. My first, an S2 Mira in McCarty, should be here on Tuesday (posted on a Sunday). Been jerking around, kinda draggin' out the guitars and picking up a few licks, etc., then wondering off again, since junior high. Got a letter from the union, the...