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    P22 Trem or HBII?

    Both are great. Why didn't you order a HBII to start with? They have different neck carves. I assume you wanted a trem?
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    Thoughts and Prayers for one of ours

    All our best, John.
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    What do you drive?

    2012 Acura TL AWD
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    dying of GAS right now...

    How many PRSi do you own?
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    Are you experienced?

    Justify? What's this justify crap? I made you a reasonable offer to deduce your costs last year ... I just think you don't like us. Here's this years deal: I've already got reservations at HGI. Depending on recovery and Russia, I should be going. You can share the room with me and I'll...
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    The Red Head Thread

    I like redheads as much as anyone ... but surprised this thread hasn't been locked yet. ... unless we're showing this kind of redhead ...
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    I'm done with photobucket

    Lightroom can't host? I'm getting sick of PB also. Since I use Lightroom for about 95% of my PP anyway, that would be ideal.
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    Forum Birthday Countdown: "1"

    PS P22 ...
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    It's All About the Colors...

    Natural with a light smokeburst ...
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    Forum Birthday Countdown: "3"

    Certainly Paul. Then probably Hans and Shawn for putting up with us ...
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    I'm Done

    Just looking at the responses here shows the diversity of people that are here. However, this is not Facebook, this is the PRS guitar forum, where the general discussion direction for many of us is about guitars. Fighting in bars ... not so much. Since you're a PRS owner ... we hope you will...
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    Private Stock - exactly what denote this?

    The HB II is available with the "Special Order Finish" option, which means you can order the guitar in any color that is available on any standard model PRS produces. This does not include Private Stock colors.
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    Experience '13 Early Registration Now Open for Forum Members & Sig Club

    Registered with PRS and the HGI Wed till Sun ...
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    Guitar Case Cabinet

    Like to see the cabinet Steve or Mark would need ...