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    NGD - Custom 22 violet

    Love the color! Enjoy it!
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    New Member / NGD

    Beautiful color. Congrats and enjoy!
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    NGD Custom 22 Rosewood Neck

    I do so love a rosewood neck on a PRS. Congrats and enjoy!
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    NGD McCarty 594

    Very nice! Enjoy it!
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    Whats your favorite PRS/best of the herd??

    Right now... two. My Brazilian McCarty and Korina McCarty.
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    Pick One?

    I have to admit. I like the rotary. Nice color on the 22.
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    NGD - Eriza Verde Santana

    Eriza Verde is one of my favorites. Congrats and enjoy!
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    "Idiot PRS Police"

    I remember my first taste of alcohol.
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    New Private Stock 6-string arrived...

    Beautiful guitar. Congrats!
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    Oh my....

    Probably a very bad magicians guitar. Failed at sawing it in half.
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    NGD 594

    Very cool! Congrats! Mash Green?
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    Darker maple binding on new McCarty?

    Very cool!
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    Something in a FedEx Box... (edit: Sergio gets the White Westie)

    Sincerely cool expression of PRS love!
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    NUDG Santana 2012

    Very cool.... enjoy!
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    Just saying!