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    Plays Tight (DGT)

    You can make a Les Paul feel super slinky by setting it up with a low string break angle over the bridge, either by setting the tailpiece high or by ”top wrapping” the strings around the tailpiece. Since it is a hardtail design, string bending is slightly easier on a Les Paul. On a tremolo...
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    Overlap between MEV and Special 22?

    I have a MEV and a Special 22 SH Limited and they are both awesome. I think that the single coil option on the MEV makes it very versatile but I don’t think the middle pickup works that well with the neck and bridge in humbucker mode. I also think that the single coil sounds are on the thinner...
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    Raw vintage springs

    You can just use heat-shrink tubing, it’s probably cheaper.
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    HSH options.....

    It sounds like the SSH would be a perfect match for you. Others have also suggested the MEV and that is a very valid option, I have one of those as well and it’s amazing. But I do think that the SSH is a better bang for the buck, the MEV is more expensive, and the combination of the pickups with...
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    HSH options.....

    I think the Special 22 Semi-Hollow is really hard to beat all things considered. I really think it’s one of the best models PRS has ever made.
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    NGD: DGT, struggling with brightness

    The Silver Jubilee, as well as many other Marshall designs/mods, has got extremely pushed and extended highs compared to most amps. I haven’t really played a DGT but they are supposed to have very open and airy PAF style pickups which probably is achieved by a wind that extends the highs. I...
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    S2 594 Singlecut

    I played one in a store the other day and was extremely impressed. I owned a first year S2 Vela that I didn’t love. This was something very different.
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    To me it is. But the MEV is fantastic in every other way so I can live with that.
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    The difference is subtle to say the least, also with a clean sound. Sometimes I wonder if the switch is even connected to anything at all (it is, but I would never be able to tell what setting I was in blindly). I haven’t noticed it affecting the pot taper in a substantial way.
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    It’s beautiful, I would love to own that guitar. I have two guitars in that finish, it’s a favourite. Feel free to post more pics!
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    The Guitar Formerly Known As The Wizard Has Arrived.

    Nice! It looks great. So it came with 58/15LT’s then? How do you like them? Have you ever played a SSH limited with the 58/15MT’s? I’m a little curious how they compare in that guitar.
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    The Guitar Formerly Known As The Wizard Has Arrived.

    Nice! Is it a Limited or a newer ”core” (WL I assume?). What are the neck and body woods?
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    McCarty ebony board

    The difference is there but it’s not huge. It’s only one of all the parameters that will influence the sound of the guitar. It will still have the same hardware, electronics, pickups, pickups, and body and neck woods (I assume) for example and all those things will still make it sound like a...
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    SSH Changes over the years?

    Also, the new ones are finished in nitro. I agree about the pickups, the MTs sounds amazing in that guitar. I think they perfectly match the NF in the middle and the coil taps are fantastic.
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    NGD - Experience Modern Eagle V

    Since this thread has gotten resurrected lately, I thought I could do a 9 month update. Positives: 9 months later, the guitar is even better. Like new guitars tend to do, it has matured and settled into itself and is now even more resonant. Acoustically it sounds fantastic and it feels alive...