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    “Paul’s” Guitar…….Who has one? Are you in love……. Maybe NGD

    Love my 2017 version. Non TCI, but sings nonetheless. Good luck and enjoy!
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    NGD, and an admission of guilt...

    Beautiful, enjoy!
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    NGD! This Fiore is on fire!

    I have the same one and love it. Enjoy the hell out of it!
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    NGD x 2: 408 10 top and a Vela Reclaimed

    Duo trouble is always legit. Congrats and enjoy!
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    Aaaaah! This guitar needs re-stringing help!

    That is literally how my 594 Semi-hollow was laced up when I got it last month. Craziness.
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    Is this the best of Zach Myer’s runs?

    Beautiful! Almost bought one of those a few months ago, but ended up going down the rabbit hole and getting 594 Singlecut Semi-hollow.
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    Modern Eagle V vs Paul's Guitar

    Congrats! What are your thoughts so far?
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    McCarty 245 vs new 594

    Great guitar, do it! My recently acquired Singlecut Semi-hollow 594 and DC 594 have become my 1 and 2 respectively. Maybe it's the honeymoon phase, but my Paul's guitar which was number 1 has been given my dirty looks. Let's see the pics when you get it.
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    New crib for the Mira!!

    That's awesome, I can hear it chiming all the way here in S.Fla. Congrats and enjoy!
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    NGD! First was a dud. This one's a keeper.

    Great tones out of those mahogany bodies, enjoy!
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    NGD! McCarty 594 Hollowbody content...

    That's sweet, enjoy!
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    S2 McCarty Purchase Advice Needed!

    Do it, looking forward to your NGD!
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    To get or not to get a Fiore...

    Don't stop, get it get it! Kidding, but I enjoy my Amaryllis Fiore very much, so much that I sold my SS which I liked. Just bonded with the sounds better that came from it and love the versatility, particularly running the bridge humbucker in series parallel with the neck and bridge. Check out...
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    NGD! Graveyard II!!!

    Beautiful, enjoy!