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    “B” Stock: What’s the story?

    B is for Baller!!
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    John Mayer SE

    Interesting observation, as I have had tuning issues on most of my SE’s. Drives me nuts, deez nutz! Once I got a CE with lockers, no longer an issue. Really want to try this new one for sure but, am also very concerned about tuning stability!
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    Do you use wall mount or guitar stand?

    HERCULES!! I never knew how great these were until recently. Also never thought I would be excited or post about a guitar stand but, these are that good. Just brilliant and my PRS CE-24 is worth it.
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    What is your second favorite guitar ?

    MIM Basic Tele with Custom Shop Nocaster 51 pickup upgrade. White with maple neck and light greenish pickguard. Thing is as simple as can be, stays in tune forever, you forget all about the guitar and just play it…this is the sign of greatness. I resisted Tele’s for over 40 years before finally...
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    Core CE24 vs newer CE24... what say you?

    I want to show support for recent model CE-24’s! I have a 2020 that is just amazing to play and see. A true wonder to behold, don’t rule one out…….
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    Talk to me about the SE Paul's Guitar...

    Cool baby, rock on!
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    Talk to me about the SE Paul's Guitar...

    Howdy! I was really interested in a SE Paul’s guitar and all of the pickup switching options offered with it. I went to John Mann’s place and got to try one out. Much to my surprise, I did not dig the sounds and overall feel and sound that the guitar and pickups gave me. It was very sterile and...
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    New CE 24 today

    I am new to the CE-24 having recently purchased a used 2020 with a gorgeous gray/black top from Brian’s Guitars. Everyday I find more reasons to love what it can do and how it plays. The comfort and feel of it is top notch and I love the neck and frets. The stunning 85/15 pickups are crystal...