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    PRS In Church?

    I can always count on my brothers and sisters here to encourage the wise dispensation of my monetary supplies.
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    PRS In Church?

    Turned out to be w cord issue. I had recently reconfigured the board to put the tuner (buffered) after the overdrives. I made the mistake of tie wrapping the patch cord in with the power wires, which put a bind on it and caused the cut-outs. So now I’ve got two tuners. Another board?
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    Not trash ;)

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    Like A Needle In The Eye

    Nope. Needle… Eye… Just nope…
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    NGD x 3!! MEV for SE

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    PRS In Church?

    Ok, not PRS related, but many of us can relate… At practice last night doing Child of Love. I’m playing bass (little modded Mikro - She sounded AWESOME). And there’s a section where it’s just vocals, drums and a somewhat funky bass solo. And my TU-3 tuner starts cutting out…I kick it a couple...
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    PRS In Church?

    Back in the late 70s (yeah, I’m that old) I introduced my electric to our church that only used upright piano, organ and red hymnals. You should have seen the faces of the ones who were around the age I am now. Big Fender Twin Reverb and a cherry sunburst hollow body Gibson. I played along...
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    Oops, I did it again... NGD on the way...

    Nice Dark Mysterious
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    The One Pedal you MUST have. Home. Studio. Gigs

    A clean overdrive. Mine is either the Way Huge Green Rhino Mark IV or Darkglass VMT, depending on the flavor of overdrive I want.
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    PRS In Church?

    All the time. Just don’t get too crazy with it. (Usually) (Especially on Revelation Song))
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    NGD - Green Day

    Love it