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    Love my PRS guitar

    So, tonight I picked up my P245 and play. I quickly realize how amazing she is. The tone, sustain, playability, and beauty......this guitar is the best guitar I ever had. Paul, your work is state of art. The V12 finish is like glass silk. The fret work is smooth and spot on. The intonation...
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    NGD Custom 22 Rosewood Neck

    sweeeeeet guitar!
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    New PRS 594 Owner

    I don't want to sound like I'm asking a silly question. Just checking, Do you wipe down the strings at the bridge after playing? Years ago I had every string break while gigging down at the Jersey shore. It was a chemical reaction I suppose. I don't break strings at all, most of the time...
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    NExpGD...The 594...

    Beautiful, just a magnificent instrument.
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    Anyone ever had an electric guitar "break in" before?

    most of my electrics pretty much don't change fast. My P245 seems to me rock steady every time. Now it was a 2015 model and I bought it 2016, so maybe it did something waiting to be bought? I usually think about guitar brake in with acoustic guitars, not electric.
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    If I'm in a guitar shop I usually play some jazz chords and scales. My mind goes blank and i forget that I know any songs. However, my P245 has passed the at home test for some time now ;)
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    What happened to the guitar Shops in the Boston?

    I didn't even think about the NH area. I liked the Burlington and surrounding areas. Miss that New England style and living amongst the trees. Thanks for the Reply.
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    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum sir.
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    Just Some Numbers...

    If I'm thinking correctly. 85/15 and 58/15 have the some winding (number of turns and wire gauge). Therefore, the resistance measured will be the same between them. The difference in sound is a result of one being covered (58/15) and the other being un-covered (85/15). I'm impressed that the...
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    What happened to the guitar Shops in the Boston?

    One thing I love to do when visiting a new area is to go check out high end guitar shops. Last week I was in Burlington, MA right outside of Boston on business. Therefore, I googled guitar shops in the area and in Boston expecting to find some high end guitar shop, however, I did not find...
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    Happy Father's Day

    Thank you Sir. We are off to city to meet my eldest son to have lunch. Just called my Dad to wish him a happy fathers day too. Happy Fathers day to all.
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    A simple thank you to PRS (albeit a little long)

    Nice companion for your new friend .....:)
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    NGD Korina McCarty

    Nice guitar. Dave's is a Mecca for guitars. I make a pilgrimage there once a year or so.
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    You Know What's Inside Has To Be Good When...

    Jaw Dropping.......just fabulous. Wow.........holy .............mother.......of .....for crying out loud.....what a guitar. Clips coming soon?
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    NGD-McCarty sweet. Love that axe!