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    Show Us Your CEs!

    Love the burst
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    More Clips, Less Talk

    Hey guys thought I drop a little funky riffing. Using my single cut loaded with 57/08 pickups into a Friedman modded Marshall SL100 w/ TC Electronic G System for delay. Sounds crunchy! Also to add I recorded this video to test out my Emperor cab that I stuffed with foam. The speakers are...
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    NUGD 96 CE22

    Wow, very nice! I bet that sounds awesome/amazing/awesome!
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    NGD: Custom 22 Mccarty Sunburst Rosewood Neck.

    Hey very sweet buy. Definitely digging the classic look!
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    Dude.. serious score. Yeah note to self haha, that never works
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    PRS newbie with some questions.

    She looks like she's ready to end the abuse..
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    NGD. 20th Anniversary Singlecut

    Very nice! Love blue!
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    Rehearsal clip of my Custom 22 10-top

    Very nice brother! \m/
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    NGD: Video jamming on my new PRS DGT

    Sweet guitar, and very nice tone my man!
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    PRS FAKE ?

    Oh man that sucks..
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    Hmmm..what to do with this old cigar box?....

    Very sweet box man! I like to keep my picks under the coach and in old jean pockets. Sometimes when I'm looking for a pick under the coach cushion I find some weed too, and that's just a find on its own man :rolleyes:
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    Tremonti Signature Archon

    The Tremonti model amp sounds like its a serous project in general for PRS. Crossing my fingers, let's hope that if it comes out its going to be good.
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    NGD: SC245 Artist

    Hella nice!
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    PRS Custom 24 Floyd Rose

    Hey I have a few cu24s with floyds and I personally love them. Actually I've got floyds in all my PRS guitars, it's something that I can't do with out now. The sound is similar but the feel is way different. I'd totally recommend it, I think you'll like it a lot.