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2L at Wash U Law

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    2L at Wash U Law
    Weapons of Choice:
    2005-10 Top 20th Anniversary Custom 22-McCarty Tobacco
    2006-10 Top Custom 22-Grey Black
    2006-10 Top McCarty-Vintage Sunburst
    2008-10 Top Chris Henderson- Quilted Tortoise
    2009-10 Top-Ted McCarty SC 245 Soapbar-Amber Black
    2010-10 Top Tremonti-McCarty Sunburst
    2010-25th Anniversary Modern Eagle III-Black Slate
    2010- Modern Eagle Quatro-Charcoal Black
    2011-SC-58-Orange Smokeburst
    2011-McCarty 58-Black Gold
    2011- Angelus Custom (signed)-Vintage Sunburst
    2011- Custom 24 85 Throwback- Vintage Yellow
    2012-DGT- Faded Blue Jean
    2012-10 Top Custom 24 (Hand Signed Headstock Logo)- Quilted Black Gold
    2012-PRS Experience Custom 24-Blue Crab
    2012-Private Stock #4029 Copperhead Burst
    2013- Paul's Guitar Sweetwater Wood Library Brazilian Rosewood-Quilted Blue Matteo
    PRS CAD Blistertone 50

    Non PRS Arsenal available upon request.


    Weapons Acquired: 2005-20th Anniversary Custom 22 2006‚Äč-Custom 22 2006-McCarty 2008-Chris Henderson 2009-Ted McCarty SC 245 Soapbar 2010-Tremonti 2010-25th Anniversary Modern Eagle III 2010-Modern Eagle Quatro 2011-PRS Experience Custom 24 2011-SC-58 2011-McCarty 58 2011-Angelus Custom 2011-85 Throwback 2012-DGT 2012-Custom 24 (Hand Signed Headstock Logo) 2012 Private Stock #4029 2013-Paul's Guitar AMP-PRS CAD Blistertone 50
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