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    Anyone know the story on this DGT?

    Is that a DGT neck? Or is it a 24.5” scale wide fat? If anyone has any knowledge it would be appreciated!
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    NGD: 2009 PRS Ted McCarty P90 SC245 10-Top Tobacco Burst

    Original, but hum cancelling in middle position.
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    NGD: 2009 PRS Ted McCarty P90 SC245 10-Top Tobacco Burst

    Great guitars! I am currently running Fralin p90 low wind in neck and reg wind in bridge. I started with both low winds but the bridge could no “keep up” with the neck... very hard to balance out. (Mine is a DC) I reall love everything about the guitar but struggle with the pickups in a band...
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    PRS Robben Ford model

    I may regret stepping into this, But.... Any idea of what the specs of this one are? Scale length, neck dimensions, pickups? I could maybe live with the ginormous headstock if it was a 594 with a wide fat and some LTs... Norm
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    Private Stock Friday

    Now THAT was worth waiting for!!
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    McCarty 594, pickups and tone chasing; 5 pickups in 5 days

    I had a similar experience with 5815LT, and found the perfect solution was a DGT bridge with the stock LT neck. Just a tad more sizzle and brightness to bring it out in the mix.
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    The Vintage Yellow Thread.

    Shawn's video reminds me of how stupid I can be at times...
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    Drop "D" on my 2001 Custom 24 without having to lock down.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have come up with. I pretty much quit using trem equipped guitars because losing a string( however rare) completely blows the tuning.
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    Shawn's 15 Year Employee Guitar, Start To Finish

    Thank you for taking us through the build process. Reminds me of why I have been a fanboy for over 20 years! Congratulations on 15 years, and most importantly, thanks for inspiring me to go play!! Norm
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    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Thought this would be an appropriate place to make sure I can add pictures..... Was not 100% enamored with the 58/15 LT in the bridge, but was not sure where to go with it... I personally don't love the 5909, which seems to be what most have found works. I did happed to have an extra arm...
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    N5D - Bella is home!!!!

    I know I am!!!
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    N5D: My *Second* SC 594 Prototype, believe it or not!

    congrats Pete, those are awesome!!! I dare say I like #2...
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    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Sun finally came out!! A couple pictures of my recently acquired 594. Black Sunburst, only teardrop burst I have seen on a DC...